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  • koko4101950 koko4101950 Dec 31, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    Advice for Marty from Napodano

    Investing in a change in perception is a powerful thesis in the biotech sector. I'd encourage investors not to focus specifically on fundamentals, but on the first derivative of fundamentals - the change in fundamentals. If quality is rated on a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best), in biotech, a stock with a fundamental rating of 2 that is heading to 3 or 4 is a better investment than a stock with a fundamental rating of 9 heading to 8 or 7.

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    • The perception of management as bumbling thieves has not changed. Management has made absolutely no effort to upgrade or change this perception. Hence the stock price.

      There will be no partnership offer at a value anyone here wants to see, under the current conditions. The salaries and perks that management enjoys are unimpacted by any of this. This sure is getting old.

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      • I'd like to see your strategic plan for this company. Actually just the 2-5 page executive summary. Would you post it?

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      • Have you ever run a business? Or just been an employee?

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      • Why people hold stocks where they mistrust management or the company is a huge reason so many fail at investing. What is the point of bashing the management or the company, when, you clearly have losses...sell the stock and move on, life is too short to be in a losing position, that you apparently have such negative views on. If you think differently, average down, but Investors control the buying and selling of an asset and they alone are responsible for owning it and their average cost per share, not the company.

      • Any bounce from the tax loss selling should get started right about now. Watch the bid.

        Thank goodness management has post a red letter notice on their website to let us all know Cyto will be closing in 15 minutes, and will be closed tomorrow. Management understands the importance of keeping investors informed.

      • I really want to believe that they are just temporarily deaf tithe tune of the word perception and your accurate description of what they are perceived as right now is just a nightmare! Wishful thinking?! Let's hope for a miracle in 2014. I am afraid that the partnership cannot be on good terms. Not enough money to go around. What I hope for is a contract that would allow us to grab some market share from the companies that got hit by CMS. 3 year deal on partnership should coincide with the conclusion of the arthrex deal and if the numbers are good for both maybe we could be sold for a decent price. I just don't get why can't they communicate better. Even if they were thieves, or con-artists , they could pocket way more than what their stock holdings are worth . Stay healthy in the new year. Best to all

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