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  • hurstbw hurstbw Aug 23, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    New York State - Decision to Allow Regulated Hydraulic Fracturing Coming Soon

    Word is that around or after Labor Day New York State will allow regulated hydraulic fracturing according to the CBS News link below. If you review the Revised Draft of the guidelines being set by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation on their website, it includes the ozonix process as an option for recycling frac water in Chapter 5, along with other technology methods that we know about as competing technologies. The good news is that they listed it among the options available. They are expected to require strict permitting guidelines in order to drill in specified locations, but we will find out those details soon. Sounds a lot like the Blackfeet deal to me, so should bode well for use of the EF80s.

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    • investors might want to look at HCLP. This was an IPO just a few days ago--not widely known I would guess and they are tied to fracking in a large way. Anticipated dividend is supposed to be $1.90. will have to wait and see on this though.


    • 750-3.12 Disposal of HVHF flowback and production water
      On-site facilities constructed specifically for the treatment and reuse of HVHF wastewater where the treated water is 100 percent reused for purposes of HVHF do not require a SPDES permit.
      The above is in the listed regulations for New York state (HVHF means High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing). The regulations are incredibly burdensome with this exception; which is exactly what Ecosphere/Hydrozonix does.

    • Great find That says alot for the future of the EF80s and ESPH! Thanks