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  • jetsjr5656 jetsjr5656 Dec 9, 2012 10:10 PM Flag

    UP with Chris Hayes MSNBC Sunday morning

    TC---you/and others might want to also look at STWS---it operates in the Permian Basin and if I understand it correctly they have now passed the "tests" (whatever they were) for the drillers/frackers in the Permian Basin. You might also google the Cline Shale in W Tx. It Covers 10,000 sq miles has 3.6mm bbl per sq mile of recoverable oil. Makes the Eagle Ford play (which was considered major) look small by comparison.

    Water in short supply in W TX--couple this with the drought out there--so there is opportunity for this company to go places I think. Cheap play no matter what. I own a chunk of their stock so I try to pay attn to what is going on. Have not seen any news recently, but if/when they sign a contract and it becomes known, the stock should move nicely.


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    • Jetsjr, why? Because the stock is cheap. What besides hype will make it rise? No reported earnings. Just wondering since you can bet on a stock that takes in 30 million plus yearly.

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      • no one is hyping this stock to my knowledge--there has to positive info coming if what I think is coming, actually does occur. there will not be enough water to continue to use water from a traditional source and "cleaned" water will be the alternative.

        STWS is a viable company that I have heard has passed the tests the drillers/well completers put forth. If you want to invest, please check it out. If you want to watch and see if it moves, please do so. If you want to pass, then by all means do so.

        Good luck to you whichever choice you make. The same person that touted me on this company also alerted me to STWS. STWS has increased in value and this one has lost money for me--not much but it has lost. I hope this one makes it also.


      • do future earnings qualify as hype?