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  • xrlonly xrlonly Apr 22, 2014 6:52 AM Flag

    going under the radar..

    This ARB story is really strange. The more I think about it the more I am sure ET will win and will win allot! the way things look even if they get 10% of what they asked, the stock will at least double! keeping something like that under the radar takes energy and effort from both sides and I can't think on even one reason why doing that is bad news for ET investors.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • So you think the stock might double, even if it tripled everyone here would most likely still be underwater. So everyones still under and what is next? Theres nothing very firm that says they have many options to grow with, sure theres lots of talk about mining (going on 4 years for that one) all those other supposedly fertile areas are even more distant, so what is anyone going to get, another patent on something nobody really cares about? another paid for "award"? a biggger better frac tank? sheesh, they have whipped these horses to death.

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      • "even if it tripled everyone here would most likely still be underwater"

        that is the tragic bottomline.

      • Flex, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, along with Cousteau, made a presentation to the Corp. of Engrs to have ET clean up the Everglades. Debbie is the head of the Democratic Committee. I haven't given up on that project. It's green and very appropo before the November election.

      • Well, you might think water in not a major problem to worry about but I think it is one of the only things WORTH worrying about... and until you show me ANY water company which is doing better at this particular industry, possibly the only growing industry in the US, I would keep my position.

        Now again, I pointed out that NO NEWS in this specific ARB case is very possibly GOOD NEWS, That there are reasons why this has not ended yet and if BOTH sides are saying NOTHING it is a good sign.

        Yes, one scenario is that ET might only double, and most of us would hardly level off, the second option is HAL loosing 300mil.
        In this case, they would probably Say WTH let's buy them for 1/5B instead and at least make something out of this.. Rocketing your 0.17$ stock to 3$ in a second.

        Now, I do not know how many investments you have right now which have the upside of that magnitude but my guess in not much.
        that's my guess and in business, investments and poker; all you need is to have a GOOD guess you are holding a better hand.

        I tend to read what's on this board allot lately, as there is nothing else to read about ET. And I keep asking myself if all the bashers sold already or just contemplating...?