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  • badgertodd2012 badgertodd2012 Apr 29, 2014 6:30 PM Flag


    Does the Supreme Court ruling to allow the EPA to set standards for pollution emmision from Power Plants ie., coal mines, enhance applicability of ET ??

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    • I am sure you know about this being a long term investor, however, many new investors do not. The Ecosphere Technologies water treatment process was tested many years ago by EPA and verified for Homeland Security purposes. That is why the PowerCube is a big deal now that it is patented in my opinion. Also, it is a cornerstone to any other EPA regulated water treatment requirements for all industry applications. Google this for those who have not heard of this: Ecosphere Introduces First EPA-Verified Mobile Water Filtration System
      Company Provides Solutions for Global Water-Crisis Situations

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    • What about coal ash? North and South Carolina coal fired electric plants use ponds to dump their coal ash and some have leaked or breached into adjacent rivers. Some plants are in the process of cleaning up the ponds and relocating the dry waste. Can ET find applicability there as well?

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      • Patent Application - Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.
        20130248456 09/26/13 Waste treatment process for coal gasification fly ash

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      • Coal-Fired Power Plant Wastewater Treatment
        Coal continues to remain one of the world’s primary resources for producing electricity. It also has a much-debated reputation for being an unclean energy source and is highly regulated. One of the greatest challenges facing Coal-fired power plant operators is how to minimize the environmental impact of their operations while increasing production output. With its chemical-free Ozonix® wastewater treatment technology, Ecosphere can help operators increase production capacity, while adhering to environmental regulations.
        Coal fly ash treatment
        With clean air requirements becoming increasingly stringent, and nearly 70 millions tons of fly ash being produced annually in the United States alone, The need for cost-effective, environmentally friendly coal fly ash treatment has never been greater. Ozonix is a proven, chemical-free alternative to existing chemical based coal fly ash treatment solutions, leveraging a patented advanced oxidation process to effectively treat coal fly ash for discharge or reuse without the creation of additional waste streams or the need for hazardous chemicals.

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    • The recent ruling talks about air borne. Water evaporates. Another ruling in April requires power plants to cut emissions of mercury and other hazardous pollution.

    • They're more likely to ban fracking than do anything productive.
      They have innovators, and applied science technicians, in limbo, for good reason