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  • xplay40 xplay40 May 6, 2014 11:34 AM Flag

    Sorry guys i havent been keeping up --- what is the status on the HAL arb ?? nothing yet ?

    Looks like we should be nearing news of some form on this by now

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    • Its amazing how some people on the MB claim they get no info from ET. To justify specific complaints they must get info from the Company? Maybe some of the naysayers are insiders (heh).

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    • xplay, A week or so ago, I had a report ARB parties were still submitting briefs. Money has been allocated to help clean up FL water supply ie., Everglades. P&J was mentioned on the MB. No facts of fund application released. Any attempt to supply any positive info is immediately bashed by the four or five. One poster said he went by the plant and it was busy, and that he was treated cordially by Dennis. The poster was dismissed by bashers. Some accumulation from 16 cent level. "The Lid" is still on.

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      • petercompton May 7, 2014 9:02 AM Flag

        thanx for remembering me badger, ive not forgotten your support the other day as I was attacked on this MB....I have not disappeared..I just will not put me or my honor to the feeding troughs of those such as dcrete and sgi..(all that was missing was Daryl Issa shutting off my microphone)...not only was I attacked for my input, but was stalked personally, and then called out @ my disease, who the #@!! do these a$$e$ think that they are??? . These self righteous people hiding behind secret names with hidden agendas do not deserve my input. im sorry so many are missing out on my input, although I have already had 3 different people from this MB contact me thru my FB page. I have spent hours on the phone with these people and had wonderful experiences meeting and interacting w them. I still leave an open door to those who really wish to DISCUSS something @ ESPH, simply request friendship thru FB..(Gee my FB name) I don't believe rerouting our discussion will hurt this MB as 80% of the discussion is sgi and dcrete either belittling or bashing those with positive input or simply talking to each other, they remind me more and more like "A Night at the Roxberry" re-run. I do want to apologize to all the other hidden agenda, fake named bashers located here, it's not that ive forgotten you , just that you don't seem to be quite as high on the HAL payroll as sgi and dcrete are, but don't feel forgotten I despise you just as much!!!. ....long and strong my ESPH friends. Look forward to meeting more thru FB, but don't anticipate me putting myself on the spit of the bashers dinner fire. NICE CALL BADGER! we keep calling these bashers out, maybe they will a matter of fact, I "thought" I remember sgi stating that he sold his shares?? I ask you, why is he still here???????? good luck to all. Peter Compton

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      • Badge: that poster who claimed to have gone by the plant with glowing reports of activity and his encounter with Dennis, well, he had a one day posting history but according to you, that should suffice for his credibility?? Fantasies abound...

    • Won't matter one way or the other. Dennis will keep it quiet to facilitate his siphoning either at current or increased rates depending on his [only] knowledge of win or lose.