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  • tommystudley tommystudley Feb 18, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    vanguard 500 vs contrafrud

    140 a share vs 80 a share, why hasn;t contra touched 100 a share in its over 20 year history?

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    • Funny you mention VFINX. Earlier today I came across the notes I wrote post a meeting I had with my Fido "rep" that took place mid July 2010. She recommended I sell approx 40% of Vanguard's Total Market Fund, VTSAX (Fido hates Vanguard) and invest the proceeds into FCNTX. She also wanted me to invest in FBIDX, a bond fund. I was assigned to this rep and it was the only time I met with her. I've been making my own investment decisions (like gelt) for many years. I passed on her "advice" and so far so good. (Who would buy a bond fund given where rates are?????)
      VTSAX has outperformed FCNTX by 300 bps since mid July 2010. Some of VTSAX's advnatage starts with its very low expense ratio, compared to FCNTX's 81 bp expense ratio (not that outrageous by the way).
      Another nice advantage, for those investing in TAXABLE accounts, is that index funds are very tax efficient, since they don't turnover their holding much and thus they do not have taxable events.

      tommy, you seem very confused how mutual funds work. Who cares what a fund's actual share price is compared to another fund? Try comparing TOTAL RETURN (percentagewise).
      FCNTX seeks capital appreciation, NOT INCOME. The fund's current yield is .52% according to a subscription Bloomberg terminal or .26% according to Yahoo.
      I suggest you read more and post less until you gain an understanding how mutual funds operate.

    • thats all u can do gelty a thumbs down??? loser..... here's your anwer mr PHD in financial reeetawdness, its becuase of their expenses, now ain't that a capital appreciation for b in loyal......

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