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  • paul_g_power paul_g_power Jan 18, 2012 2:37 PM Flag


    made a reasonable recovery since black Friday but SPRD has only moved only slightly

    RFMD lowered guidance, SPRD did not yet is the one to fall

    RFMD now trades at PE of 16 while SPRD trades at 6

    How the hell does that happen?

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    • RFMD recovered >15% since black Friday and has a PE of 17

      SPRD only recovered about 6% and has a PE of 6 and hasn't guided lower

      This will prove to be an excellent entry level IMHO

    • 4Q earnings are forthcoming. If solid, stock should go up. If not, current level caused by RFMD panic may be justified. MW accounting allegations will either get more traction or fade away. I'd be surprised to see the stock leap, but rather slowly rise if no credible wrong-doing evidence surfaces over time.

    • IMHO- SPRD has been beset by deep pocketed nano-traders playing the curves... and shorts (10% of float) -- thus has had difficulty attracting and retaining strong-longs (fundamentals-based investing- most of us here)... and thus fundamentals-based movement. Much of that has been because of "suspicious China" and MW opportunists... but those clouds have all but evaporated. Don't know exactly what it takes to shake or diminish per longers, but think that's what's happening... I think / hope with diminishing nano-term predictability and other opportunities, and emergence of greater confidence, it's gradually swinging to the fundamental-based movement side...

      People like TeeJay / AZ know exactly what they're doing... nothing to do with facts or fundamentals... need to prey upon old fears. Need to just keep pointing to fundamentals and substantiation: