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  • maxkolbe maxkolbe Feb 27, 2012 10:19 AM Flag


    Undeniably strong fundamentals, market forecast, bargain buy. One can only conclude that for this to move accordingly- need continued transition to smart-money (increased 25% in recent weeks to total of nearly 49%) from dumb-money.

    Scleung, Tee and other detractors (dumb-money)- i.e., not fundamentals/profit/fact-based investors, clearly have their representative minions out there playing games in the sandbox... regardless of fundamentals.

    History proves fundamentals/profit-based movement over time will win the day. Big smart money confirms this: SPRD is HUGE for 2012 and moving forward. For the now- what a continued buying opportunity!

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    • The market putting sprd in the same category of ccme and fmcn. Market is getting nervous before earning. In fact, CB never accused sprd of fraud. What a world.

    • Where did you get the term "dumb money"? I didn't buy SPRD at $29 and hold and lose $13 per share. I made my money with the lowest amount of risk possible. Perhaps risk is a concept you're not familiar with. I'm here to make money from stocks. I couldn't care less how the companies themselves are doing. They either lie or don't tell the public the whole truth anyway.

      I also could make money from a stock while the company is losing money and laying off their employees. I also make money from stocks where there were no news. Fundamentals don't mean anything unless the charts said buy or sell.

    • So True. And right now the tide is turning fast. Look for the cheesy game playing shorts to get creamed very soon. Gonna be fun.

    • Yea, SPRD is sooooo big.....they are great in their own minds! Going down and the competition has turned up the heat, I particularly like the line "smaller rival to Qualcomm and Mediatek"

      Even at retailers, some of lower end models of Huawei and ZTE can be bought for around $100, the level where the demand is the highest, and there is no end in sight for falling prices.

      Chipset vendor Spreadtrum, smaller rival to Qualcomm and Mediatek, has rolled out a platform for $40 smartphones for the Chinese market. Late last year, Qualcomm launched a new set of its flagship Snapdragon chipsets targeted at low-cost Android smartphone makers.

    • Max the most frustrating stock I have ever owned. When she pops Wed or Thur,I am out. 12 month vol is crazy. One more Oct 2011 runup!

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      • George - in the short, frustrating... agreed... quite the anomaly. But really, looking at the unveiling landscape of this behemoth of a market-- where SPRD is prominently positioned (undeniably), this is really infancy... the broader market-relationship with SPRD is akin to hearing baby babble... not quite understanding the meaning, the potentiality.

        Take your cues from the smart money - who get the meaning, who know to get in at the right time. This is precisely why they're accumulating. The next phase is others getting on board. I'm not saying "don't sell" - folks like scleung are savvy players who are near-sighted and are moved by hiccups... they stare at a trunk and don't see the elephant... the danger is being zoomed in too close.

        People don't want to be alone-- they travel in packs; a majority will get in the longer line and wait because it's "what everyone else is doing" rather than see the much better, shorter line. IMHO- we're experiencing a page from human nature: a security like SPRD operates like the emergence of a pop-icon... initially discovered... but everyone looks for validation, as if to say, "Are you seeing/hearing what I'm seeing...?" You know, Pat Monahan of Train is from my hometown of Erie, Pa... he's ALWAYS been a fabulous talent, but I'll tell you- it took some time for him to be discovered by "the industry"... and longer to demonstrate the kind of staying-power-talent that warranted investment... before racking up some Gammy's.

        SPRD is on the right train... moving slow... but I think going in the right direction and ready to pick up steam. When it does- yes, a good amount of that steam will be from those looking to get off at the next stop - but you can be assured there's more than a good likelihood that the steam may signal some strong support for a permanent ride north... at least, that's what the profit/fundamentals say.

    • I'm not pumping but I have to agree with Max. This issue seems to be a killer buy at this price. Just as I figured, they are pushing it down again today. I believe this is a well executed shake out before earnings. I think shes going to pop but if it sells off after the earnings report, run don't walk for the exit !

    • Beware of pumpers. You don't make money on fundamental alone. You only make money if the price of the stock goes up for whatever reason. What that mean is the buyer of your stock has to think that he is going to make money in the future by buying your stock at a certain price. Short sellers trying to cover could be buying your stocks too so in that case, he's not looking to profit in the future.

      It's a stock trading game whether you call yourself an investor or trader. These people here calling themselves investors are actually traders but they just refuse to admit it. If they were truly investors, they wouldn't be hoping the stock to go up, they would continue to want to buy the stock at the lower price and then sell the stock in 5 to 10 years.