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  • panamax950 panamax950 May 11, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Take Profit?

    The only companies you should hold if ones that you have faith. Study the company, its products, understand its fundamentals, management, industry, etc. I'm in because I believe the company still has a lot of room for growth and has solid management. My opinion is that they have a huge upside, many of these customers who rely on 2G/2.5G will eventually move to 3G and 4G... That is going to be an explosive growth again. China Mobile is the predominant player and performing better than the two other major players in the 3G space. SPRD has a huge IN with China Mobile, they've shown they can be competitive in price, as we move into new territory long term. It looks to me like we have short term traction until end of year, although we still have to hear how next year is going to play out. It is still to be determine how well they can play these Emerging markets and we'll see how these design wins pan out...

    Personally, I think the best situation is to find a company that has both, something you strongly believe in and yet is volatile. If you know how to time the highs and lows, and you reduce risk because you see long term upside. I haven't figure that out, so I usually just let my money ride in what I believe will be a solid performing company long term.

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