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  • blobqpk blobqpk Aug 26, 2011 2:51 PM Flag

    maggies nols

    maggie when the shares get cancelled you will have lots of nols will you try to sell them to dish?

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    • how many of the nols are phony baloney ohhhh greeenie siegels tooooooties hanz bonkes and the goats?

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      • maybe bloaqworthnada knows best:

        "i recognize I'm not up to date on all of the details...however I read it that he and lebow owned 80% of the common with warrants. so in order to retain NOLs then even with dilution those guys can hold more than 50% of the company and keep us moving forward with the tax breaks. no? blockbuster (my only example because i followed it for years) never really had a chance to keep the NOLs as they had way too many unsecureds, they didn't close stores quickly enough, they had a HUGE amount of common...and Icahn and Wattles the biggest owners sold out entirely. What am I missing?
        this seems like a good chance to retain those NOLs, which may be a part of the business plan being presented to publishers right now. "