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  • sluethtrader sluethtrader Nov 7, 2011 6:28 PM Flag

    Riedman Gone, Curse is Lifted

    According to the investor page on the Harris website, Jim Riedman is officially gone. He should have never been there in the first place. Totally inept, a proven fraud and perfect example of why HPOL investors should demand a nepotism clause in the ethics rules for BOD members. Now that the clutter has been swept away, HPOL may have half a chance of recovery. Good luck to all.

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    • Hey Slueth...not so easy finding you after the demise of PXFG.

      Just thought you would be interested in PXFG's action today...down 46% to .08 per share. Since it's pink sheets, I couldn't find any published news but it's my guess that perhaps the company is folding? If you know anything I would appreciate hearing of it. Thanks!

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      • Pink, wow, a blast from the past. I stopped following Phoenix Group after Riedman was forced to delist the company. As I have stated all along, my goal with posting on these boards has been to warn people away from investing in anything Jim Riedman was involved with. Anyone foolish enough to bet on pink-sheeted PXFG does not need a warning. They are simply fools for doing so.

        This has been my same position with HPOL regarding Riedman. Now that he is off the BOD, there is half a chance fairness has returned to the game. But, only half a chance.

        Regarding PXFG, the company has been technically bankrupt for over three years. If the share price has taken a dip to .08, it can only mean the lender has called in their notes. If so, no doubt Phoenix is finished. Good riddance.

        I vowed not to post on the HPOL board any longer. I need to keep my promise. But for you, I had to respond. Cheers!

    • Thanks and nice to see you posting. I give you 5 star. I have made lots of profits so far by buying large volume below $0.40 and as low as $0.28 bringing down my average and then selling incrementally. Last batch I sold was at $0.75. But I am now waiting for a spike to get rid of the rest of my shares.