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  • CarlVanRichter CarlVanRichter Aug 5, 2011 9:03 PM Flag

    Very Bullish

    rld4191966forever has been a frequent poster on this ETF lately. Her comments are very bullish. I don't know much; however, one thing is certain from years of observing stock commentaries: People who are absolutely sure they are correct are wrong 97% of the time. rld4191966forever may not have noticed, but the USA economy is in a mess from which it will take a long time to recover. Just about all sectors have been hit. VNQ may go to $1. The DOW may go to $100. Pigs may fly. Those who cannot stand the risk should get out of the market. I'm betting VNQ will be an excellent long term performer.

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    • VNQ which tracks the MSCI U.S. REIT Index -- is 19.5% residential.

    • Ever hear of curbs?
      Watch CNBC (Criminal National Broacasting Company)
      Its going to be a daily event in the very near future.

      Ever hear of Gap Down? Not only wont you get out, the market will close early that day.

      You dont understand economics. Nobody in their right mind would be in the stock market with retirement or serious money
      The last 2 years the market ignored the inevitable economic disaster because of a 800 billion criminal stimulus propping the market.

      If you still own this VNQ from $63 you'll let it go to 10. You have no exit strategy on the downside and dont realize the risk reward consequences.

      The 401k's are all thats left for the thieves to pick at. 3 years from now, unemployment will be all dried up, people out of work,
      many shacking up with family and friends. The derivatives and credit default swaps bankrupt the WORLD.
      Remember one thing, wall street makes up rules, cheats steals, pays fines and doesnt admit any wrong doing.
      You'll see flash crashes and the market closing before the scheduled time. You wont get out in time.

      This will be a Depression.
      Nikkei 30,000 now 9300. Bernanke 8 years ago gave them the same advice. He's an expert at depressions and not letting anyone down.
      Timmy should be gone this week.

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