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  • dukeblue1111 dukeblue1111 Feb 2, 2012 8:46 AM Flag

    How frequent does this ETF pay?

    Monthly or quarterly like a stock? Thank you.

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    • All the money coming in through the creations shares is going to skew the dividend for a couple of months. You will have to wait until the interest on all the new bonds bought with the creation shares comes on line.

      Jnk and pff have had some big inflows since Dec.

    • 3/1/12 xd @ $0.235761 vs 3/1/11 xd @ $0.25521.

      Dividend lower compared to prior months 2012 vs 2011 vs 2010.

      JNK has had good capital appreciation; some feel there can be a run to 45.xx. Let's see if it can go >41.00 next couple months. With market correction, could go back down to 35-37 (yikes!)

      I have PGF and PFF too; both off their 52-week highs, compared to JNK near-term 52-week high.

      mREIT AGNC, CYS, NLY higher dividend. Leaning toward that end of the spectrum @ >12%

    • From:

      The Jan 2012 payment was $0.218698 dividend and $0.264078 long term cap gain.

      Therefor for two months, the monthly dividend was below $.22, and I expect tomorrow's trend will follow this trend.

      Because they recycle almost half of their holdings each year, and the yields offered on new junk bonds are going down as more money floods into junk bonds to chase yield (reducing their incentive to offer high coupons to lure new bondholders), the yields are now as low as seen with PGF and PFF, whose yields have not dropped as much on a year-over-year percentage basis.

      Based on this, I see no need to own JNK anymore (as I also own less-risky and better yielding PGF). I'll wait for the bond bubble to die and the dumb money to filter out before I buy in again.


    • Mar 1, 2011 0.255 Dividend

      Expect the 3/1/2012 dividend to be less than they paid same time last year (shown above).

      Perhaps 0.20-0.24 IMO.

      Do a comparison for 2/1/2012 vs last year 2/1/2011 dividend payout to get an indication going forward.

    • You can check the "historical prices" in LEFT list of answering question.
      On this page, you'll see 4 choices...daily...weekly...monthly...dividends only.
      Use "dot" on dividends, push "get prices" and you'll see the date (each one)and the dividend for that month/year.
      This is info every stock has, so easy to see all useful info as you look for

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