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  • moviegeek65 moviegeek65 Nov 18, 2011 10:16 AM Flag

    How Is Angies List Better Than Yelp?

    Just wondering.

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    • I'd say a paid subscription service is a much better place to get realistic reviews. I imagine there is some accountability unlike the Yelps and Yahoo reviews of the world. A couple months ago I received an email from the car dealership where I have my car serviced. They offered a 25 buck credit for a POSITIVE review on Yelp etc. I'd say that kind of vote buying might skew the ratings to the point that they might be worthless.

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      • Actually there is no accountability AT ALL. Not my opinion but straight from Angie's List. In fact when I tried to report a business that I know has at least 10-12 accounts, Angies List called me a liar and defended the company using as evidence "the many positive reviews X has received". Laughable when they're using a company's own reviews of itself to argue how reputable that company is.

        When I asked what safeguards they had in place to prevent it they said " We have a very strict policy against members submitting reports on companies they are affiliated with, related to, or in competition with. This is stated in our membership agreement as well as at the bottom of each report that is entered." In other words the only safeguard they have is a policy.

        When you're just another review website you can get away with nonsense like that. When you're a publicly traded company you're under the microscope. I give them 6 months before the media exposes the scam.

      • how is a paid subscription eliminating bogus reviews dumass? the reviewers are still posting what the ywant, it's just that the ones who want to READ reviews have to pay, where as i could read the same reviews for free anywhere else.

        you must work for angie. either that you are a sucker who got into the IPO. either way you lose.

    • So they say....customer service... " is also a great place to find reviews however; there is one big difference between Angies list and Yelp. Angies list is a paid-membership driven review website with more than 500 categories from plumbers to HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS. Another difference between the two websites mentioned is that Angies list enables members to phone a call-in-center in order to find a review for a specific location with a high rating near a certain area. The website maintains a staff for phone support as well as dispute resolution with companies that have negative reviews for customer experiences."

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