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  • jdm1234567892002 jdm1234567892002 Aug 17, 2012 2:32 PM Flag


    I am a shareholder and member of the company. I am sure there are many who disagree (angrily for that matter) but I think this selloff is a little overdone and the volume is less than convincing at this point.

    Also insider trading records frankly show interest in the company - not the opposite which was put forth earlier on the board.

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    • You are one of the few on this board who are long.

      GET OUT NOW before it's too late.

    • There is no way that this stock is oversold. There have been a ton of articles (Seeking Alpha is some of the best), that explain why the current business model is very flawed.

      Are you willing to gamble your investment portfolio in a company that has not been able to prove that does not need to spend MASSIVE amounts of cash in order to generate revenues (ie spend $2 to make $1).

      The Company has only been able to stay in business for 17 years due to the fact that VC's have pumped hundreds of millions of cash into this company. Then the IPO which pumped more cash into the Company.

      When AL eventually declares bankruptcy, the secured creditors will get theirs, and the public will be stuck holding useless shares of stock...

    • Why would you buy this company when they haven't made a dime in 17 years?? Just wondering what is going through your mind and everyone else that buys this thing.

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      • as stated....he's a member of the company. it is probably incentive stock (some incentive...huh). he is posting as someone with an interest in the company...not necessarily an objective investor. oversold? absolutely....and many of the sellers will never be back (unless they want to go short).
        a ceo that brags they havent made money in 17 years??? he should be taken out and shot. what a jerk.

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