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  • bagofswags bagofswags Sep 13, 2012 7:05 AM Flag

    Do analysts know basic math?

    1) Analyst estimate for quarter .34 loss
    2) Book Equity .32 per share (19 million divided by 57 million shares)

    Even including $3 million of intangible assets, it will be insolvent 9/30, and then they predict another $62 million of losses through next year after hitting zero. How can it even pay its bills? The analysts pounded the banks when they "suspected" thier might be an insolvent situation if a stressed economy continues, but are happy to say this POS is worth $17 when they are estimating a brutal, technical insolvency. How on earth are they supposed to raise another $62 million of equity in the next 15 months? If the Capital Markets freeze up temporarily, they can't even hope for a penny.

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    • Most of them do not. Check companies that have gone almost to zero. Analysts are always the last to adjust price etc . Take GRPN for example. The stock was a stong buy at $11.00 although they were losing market shares to competitors . When it dropped to $9.00 an analyst came out and reiterated his strong buy and the $11.00 target . I shorted the stock because the fundamentals were getting weaker and weaker and now the stock is around $4.00 . Funny thing is now the analysts are lowering their price target to $4.75 with a HOLD . How stupid are these analysts are beyond me .

      Regarding this stock, the company has lost money since its conception ( 16 Years ) and still is to lose money , yet some funds are buying with the " hope " that something may happen .

      Yelp is free and more and more people are using it . I am using Yelp and look at their subscriptions increasing rapidly. This company is like a sour milk . Some funds think if you put it in the frig it somehow gets better .

      This company has posted losses for the last 16 years and that says buyers are nothing but " Idiots "

      I am still looking for shares to short

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      • my theory is that buyers are funds that are more interested in risking your money for their 1%, showing great promise for a little while and then letting your money implode while thier 1-2% is safe and not able to claw back. with no retail buyers, it is hard to tell when this stock goes down.

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    • Profitability is what the CEO is preaching. Perhaps, ANGI will turn to green this quarter.

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      • They had to spend ten million extra last quarter for an extra $3 million of margin. People will have to stay 9 months on average to break even. They continue to spend to trap a few people here and there. We all know this is not sustainable, as no one will waste their money paying for free on-line reviews perpetually. Netflix has a lot of churn, and it has a product that is worth something. There is absolutely no value for this garbage, I am a little shocked anyone at all pays anything, ever.

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