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  • jmz557 jmz557 Nov 20, 2011 12:20 PM Flag

    time to collect the gains on this stock?

    This stock has had quite a run.

    But is it time to collect the rewards and perhaps pick up a higher rated utility, like one of these?:

    I'm asking myself these questions since I'm up 49%, after holding this for a year and half.

    I don't like the Price/Sales rank amongst other utilities, for one thing.
    Tough call, since I was hoping this would be a longer term hold.

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    • I also own ENB and was looking at their long term chart. It went over $37 today and was just under $5 during the 2000 downturn. So it is up 7X+ and split 2 times 2 for 1. Only real down period was 2008 -09 and it recovered pretty quickly.

      Se does not have a long term chart because it was owned by DUK for awhile. These pipeline businesses are a gold mine.

    • when vehicles switch to nat gas...SE the new Exxon.

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      • SE trying to make another run at $30. Has been very strong throughout the problems in the market over the last few months due primarily to Europe.

        There is a lot of activity with Nat gas going on. More stations being installed. More fleets switching. There is a water filter company, HEK, that works in shale plays to clean-up and dispose of Fracing water that has their whole fleet of large trucks are using LNG. The CEO was on TV and said they had worked with CLNE to get the facilities in. My guess is that others will be moving in this direction. Costs 1/2 of diesel and the trucks have greater life span.

        There are major efforte going on to export gas. Some of the import terminals are being switched to export, which requires capital and time. Also being done in Canada on the west coast. The Gas market is not just US, but all of N. A. Pipelines go across the border. pricing is regional. Export takes advantage of high prices in Asia, even after transportation.

        Merry Christmas all and sit back, collect your dividends, and watch this stock move higher.

    • I consider this a long term hold and I own what I consider to be a full position. They have invested well in the last few years and their future plans are to do more of the same. Remember all these companies are regulated and get a return on assets. Besides the pipelines they have 1.3 million distribution customers in southern Canada.

      Gas pipelines are great plays. This company was encumbered at the spin off because of all the problems that Duke had with trading. SE is finally getting up to speed.

      I would buy more if I did not own so much already.

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