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  • PaperRaper PaperRaper Jan 31, 1999 12:16 PM Flag

    7/11---ATM MACHINES

    Saw & Heard rumor that 7/11's may install all new
    also has new version of (TACC) timed access cash
    controllers that 7/11's may install. Does anyone know of any
    plans in progress to make these changes. New ATMS have
    INTERNET capability and other features that provide
    revenue stream. Comments would be appreciated.

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    • Years ago, Peter Lynch of the Magellan Fund
      stated that the only way to really invest was to go out
      and 'kick tires'. He said something to the effect
      that the average investor was better at seeing new
      concepts in his geographic area than all of the wall
      street analysts because he saw them long before the
      analysts. I hope he was right. I began to invest in
      Southland because I saw the talent (managment) in the store
      on Beacon Hill. I also saw the investment that was
      made in the physical store and further, I began to see
      that the company was buying market share by buying
      Christy's and looking at another local convenience store
      chain in the Boston area. In addition, I worked for EDS
      twice and EDS has a contract to managing the computer
      systems (not sure which ones) for 7-11. We'll see what
      happens and how long it takes.

      Thanks for your
      message. Jeff

    • Jeff, I have no connection with the company. I've
      been investing in turnarounds for the past 15 years or
      so. I started following Southland about five years
      ago, but didn't begin to invest until about two years
      ago. I am a value investor, and value investing is
      very much out of vogue these days. I don't believe in
      the Noah's Ark approach to investing---two of
      everything. I put all my eggs in one basket, and then watch
      that basket VERY carefully. I read everything
      available on the company closely, especially all
      "Management Discussion and Analysis" in the company's
      financial reports, and apply many different valuation
      technics to get as much of three-dimensional view of the
      company's operations as possible. And finally, I think the
      management's relationships with its employees and the working
      environment created by the corporate culture are the crucial
      elements in whether the company is going to succeed or
      not---and at Southland that culture is in the process of
      fundamental change. Will the changes reach down and include
      the employees and franchisees at the store level? If
      they do Southland will be a tremendous
      Investors who invest in turnarounds many times have a long
      and painful road to follow. I made a large investment
      that caused me nothing but losses for four years, and
      then the company's share price doubled in the fifth
      year, and doubled again in the sixth year
      (Massey-Ferguson/Varity/Lucas-Varity---now a takeover target for TRW). It was a painful
      thing to go through, but if you're going to invest in
      troubled companies you have to be a disciplined long-term
      investor. I believe Southland will be doing much better (in
      terms of E.P.S.) in the future, probably in early
      1999---but when the share prices will begin to reflect the
      financial performance no one can predict. Bob

    • IMHO that when the big boys correct, not that
      much is going to happen to SLCM. There isn't big Wall
      Street brokerage housed that are going to pull out of
      Southland. Most of the investment outside of the 70% owned
      in house is regular people like us that would have
      gotten out long before now if we were easily spooked.

    • Where else can you find a company that is the
      leader in its industry, is making money, and selling for
      less than $2.00 per share? I continue to buy SLCM and
      wait for the turnaround. The company is slowly digging
      itself out of the hole (negative book value), and if
      earnings accelerate then this day will come sooner. I
      believe that after the company has eliminated its
      negative book value that a reverse split will boost the
      company's stock to a respectable price and should prove
      good for the long term holders of SLCM. One way to
      eliminate the negative book value is to offer stockholders
      an opportunity to buy one additional share for each
      share owned at a price of $1.00 per share. The
      stockholders that do not want to invest could sell their
      rights and pocket a little cash, and the rest of us
      could double our position.

    • I have been following your comments in this forum
      for some time.
      You seem to have quite a few
      answers. My question is, what is your relationship with
      Southland. I would find it somewhat comforting if you were
      affiliated with the company. That would add some degree of
      reliability to comments. I worked for EDS twice and I
      accumulated quite a bit of stock. When it splits, I sell some
      of the stock to buy stock in another company. That
      is how I began to accumulate SLCM. However, contrary
      to EDS, I have taken a bath on SLCM, so far. I have
      looked at the comments on EDS's stock chat line and
      found them to be shockingly immature.

      for your info.

    • I read a little on ATMS after seeing your post.
      It really looks interesting to me. I feel it would
      definitely lower costs IF the technology is as good as they
      say it is. One more thing that bothers me about this
      possibility is that EDS presently does all the atm's and
      other strategic initiatives. They seem to be very close
      partners with Southland and have a vice chairman on the
      board. I would like to see Southland look for cutting
      edge technologies but with EDS providing a lot of
      support I don't think that would be real smart at this
      time unless a joint venture could be worked


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      • You obviously are a man in the know. EDS is
        obviously a major player in many, many areas. It would be
        my thought that they do the EFT processing for SCLM,
        as well as many other functions. They (EDS) do not
        provide atm equipment but I understand do processing for
        thousands of atm machines.If I understand correctly, TIDEL
        is a spinoff of SCLM. Maybe they have a kindred
        relationship. Regardless, I believe that there is business
        relationship between the two or three parties, includig EDS.
        It does seem plausible that new, efficient equipment
        that can produce income and provide customer
        convenience is something any company is seeking, including

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