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  • mentges mentges Feb 3, 1999 1:23 PM Flag

    7/11---ATM MACHINES

    I agree with WebDude50, that this company has
    nowhere to go but up - at 1 3/4 a share, it isn't much
    more than the lottery tickets that 7/11 sells. I feel
    my downside risk is about nill on this one.
    Southland is paying off the long term debt (slowly but
    surely) so as that goes down, I am betting the stock
    price will go up. 7/11's in Northern California a
    always packed (all that I am aware of are stand-alone
    (no gas)). I bought the stock because I shop there. I
    can't stand waiting in long lines at Safeway or Ralph's
    just to buy Tropicana OJ for breakfast - I usually
    pick up some other stuff like paper towels. In
    Northern California there IS no competition except a few
    mini-marts at Exxon or Arco. Those stores do not offer a
    wide variety of merchandise - just Coke and Chips. In
    a pinch, I can put together a whole meal out of a
    7/11. I think the key to 7/11 success is filling the
    gap between bare-bones mini-marts, and full scale
    grocery stores.

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