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  • sunnsocal sunnsocal Feb 1, 2007 3:43 PM Flag

    malibu home

    mike, since you brougt up the malibu residence,does this home appear in any bbsi financial statements? who owns this residence? where did you obtain info regarding the property?

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    • You are liable for calling me a buffon ? BBSI is the subject of the board not you or me and BBSI had isssues my freind and you are the only poster here that is sees the BBSI glass as completely full still waiting for you to criticize BBSI in any way ?

    • Thank you for your response. i am reasonably satisfied that the earnings news and amex listing will be within the next thirty days.

      bbsi is making a nice move today.


    • Thjis was "nice". They are growing, they are opening new offices, AND they are going to allow franchisees later in 2007 (meaning no expenses, but revenues no matter what).

      I think the news was positive. Not "huge", as we already know they are growing. But, they at least informed us of what they are doing. And opening offices means some expenses to do so, but no buying expense, like their acquisistions.

      It is just confirmation more than "news". The big news will be earnings. they will be compared to a loss last year, and shall really start to compress the PE. It will be the second good earnings in a row. PLus the move to AMEX. Put the two together, and that will mean a nice move (Within 45 days from today for both to happen) for RSFF.

    • Resolve announced today opening 6 new offices in the fourth quarter. 2006 sales of 120 million and 2007 sales at 240 million. in the third quarter of 07 they are going into franchising.

      your thoughts on this release?

      thank you,


    • Mike....I must say your a complete idiot. I have no affiliation with BBSI (other than owning publicly trade stock interest). Every time that you make a post you sound like a absolute buffoon.....Not sure if that is the correct spelling. You need to be very careful as to what you state on these could be held liable.

      Happy trading

    • The S-1 didn't drop it as much as I thoguht it might. It hit $2.70 for the low on Wednesday. But that seemed to be off one seller. After that, I (And obviously others) started buying. I got some good shares at $2.80 and $2.85. I like that price. It's already at $2.95, and now with nothing but good news coming out it looks great.

      Earnings were not reduced for 2006. It's just that the 4th quarter is not out yet. So, through three quarters they hvae the losses of the first two quarters and the gain of the third quarter, giving a total so far of 3 cents per share as a net. The 4th quarter will come out in March.

      Yesterday'sa volume was the biggest EVER for teh stock. And it was up big. Both very good signs. I think someone WAS starting to buy some shares. Someone who was waitig for teh S-1 to hit, in case it dipped. Someone who wanted in but was patient on the bids, so it didn't rise TOO much on him. Hopefully an institution, but more importantly hopefully a long term holder. That would take more shares off the float and into friendly hands.

      Since the float right now (Before the registration becomes effective) is only about 2MM shares, there are NOT MANY that are available. Most of those are in hands of people that will hold this stock until $5 or $8. And most of the newly registered shares are ALSO in friendly hands, so although it sounds like more shares are coming out, in reality a lot of shares shall be held and not sold. That will help it go higher when the earnings come out as good as expected.

      Market is opening. Gotta go.

    • The institutions are already interested; the volume today was 223,900. Mr. Quarterman said the revenues for 07 would be 400 million with 240 net revenue. I do not know the distinction.

      Did the S-1 reduce the .06 earnings to .03?

      At any rate the train is leaving the station; All Aboard!


    • The S-1 for RSFF was filed, and is out there now. And the stock came down some, like i hoped. Today I'm a buyer of some extra shares. :-) Oh, and they came out with an uopdate on the firm today too. Take a look at the release about the AMEX and the growth and all that. A great interview.

      If these guys perform as they say they will do (And so far they have never underacheived from a projection they have given. not yet at least) then I see this stock at LEAST a double in 2007. Based on conservative fundementals, not hype.

      In 2007 they are expecting to do about $300MM in revenues, and earn about 50 - 60 cents a share. With the stock at $3, it is STILL a forward PE of only FIVE, even after rising from $1 to $3! Add to that the fact that they have said they are going to move to the AMEX (Probably starting the end of February, give or take a little) with institutions being able to buy this puppy and move it a LOT higher than this. But WILLL they buy it? I say "you bet they will". When a company goes from $10MM in revenues (05) to $130MM in revenues (in 2006, as a guess, depending on 4th quarter numbers) to $300MM in 2007, PLUS goes from a loss to a positive (which they DID in 3rd quarter of 2006, and are expecting HIGHER earnings in 4th quarter) to a NICE earnings of $.50+ in 2007, the 'tutes KNOW they should buy it for the low PE. They don't own any YET, since those numbers were all hope just a few quarters ago AND it is trading on the BB until the move a few weeks from now. But, the numbers ARE already coming true. In the 3rd quarter of 2006 (The last quarter reported) they did $44MM in revenue. That compares to $30MM in revenue in ALL of 2005, not just the 3rd quarter of 2005. That is GROWTH. And they came out with a PROFIT. The profit ws $0.06 per share. Up from a loss. They have broken through that critical mass number, and earnings are positive. They even said they expect earnings to GROW from there. They gave a positive forecast. But, it gets better.

      SINCE the 3rd quarter ended, they bought TWO more companies. One being the firm that spun them off 2 years ago. yes, they bought the old parent. Then, they bought anohther firm that has done $20MM in revenues. Both are positive earnings NOW. So, the $0.06 should grow, and then the other companies are added on. Yes, I see $0.50 - 0.60 in 2007. And I see institutions wanting IN on this growing stock.

      I'd be surprised if the stock doesn't hit numerous radar screens in the near future and at LEASt give a DOUBLE from here. Even a DOUBLE in 2007 would put it at a PE of 10 - 12. And the fact that the S-1 registration dropped it a little bit and held it up here only gives a few more people an opportunity to buy it before it goes up AGAIN.

      IMHO. :-)

    • Potts sill can't point out 3 BBSI shortcomings ? I call that a BBSI employee making a poor attempt at stock manipulation. Your language is offensive however, but to be expected considering the companies ethics.

    • Just pointing you in a direction. Where there is smoke - there is usually fire - if you don't sense impropriety within this firm - your problem - I just want to protect my investment - It appears nothing but a downhill slide for the future ? I am trying to determine if these guys are a one trick pony or if they have one more trick left in them - one more push forward to 30 would be awesome - does anyone see signs of life ?

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      • it's disingenous to make false statements about this comany or any company for that matter. there is no malibu home and you knew it. you have a creditably issue.

      • Mike,

        Why "hope" that BBSI has one more trick left in the bag. Why not get on to the RSFF ride instead? There you have known positives coming out in the near future, instead of hoping that one last gasp comes before problems set in. YOur words "you don't sense impropriety within this firm - your problem - I just want to protect my investment" Shoot, protect it by being OUT.

        Here is what RSFF is doing. In late Febraury they will be moving to the AMEX. That will allow a lot of insitutions to buy them. Trading on the BB means many tutes aren't allowed to buy them. But, WILL they buy them after the move? I think so. Here's why.

        The latest earnings release was the third quarter of 2006. The fourth will come out in March. For the third quarter, they did $44MM in revenue. that compares to $30MM for the whole YEAR in 2005. Growth is over 400% this year versus last. They are getting big enough that insitutions can feel good buying in to them. Earnings for the 3rd quarter came in with the first ever profit. They earned $0.06 net earnings for the qtr. Not bad for a $3 stock! (It was $1.50 when they came out, but it is already starting to move up). They said that they have passed the critical mass point, and expect future earnigs to be HIGHER from here on out. ANd that ws BEFORE two major plusses that are not in the 3rd qtr numbers!

        On October 1st they bought their old parent (they were spun off two years ago). ELS, the parent, did $250MM in non gaap (they are privately held, so don't' report gaap) in 2005. I saw that in the filing. That occurred 10/1, the first day of the 4th quarter. They also bought Power Personnel in the 4th quarter. that is 20MM in revenue for 2007 from PP.

        In 2007, they say that they expect to do over $250MM in revenue, and earn about $0.55 per share. Based on CURRENT numbers and expectations. MIke, why try to get one last gasp in a company you distrust when a company growing at 400% in revenues and about to hit an exchange for the first time ever is sitting on a forward PE of FIVE? If you have fears abuot management at BBSI, buy RSFF. It is THIN traded right now, but that is GOOD for now, as they are growing so fast and earnings are changing so fast and it will move on even one or two tutes buying. ANd I say they WILL, IMHO, based on those revenues and earnings! This stock is set to EXPLODE, even from this level (It is up 100% already from the $1.50 level!) You'll forget all about whether BBSI can hit $30 again. I think RSFF shall hit $10 before BBSI hits $30. And that is over a TRIPLE from here.

        Do your own DD, but they ARE moving to the AMEX, they have already SAID that 2007 shall be over 100% growth in revenue from 2006, which ws over 400% from 2005, and they have aid earnings are increasing dramatically from here. When it moves, it will hit MANY radar screns. With huge revenue growth, huge rises in earnings AND sitting on a single digit PEs? NOt many stocks can say that. And they don't STAY there either. :-) That's MY thughts on BBSI and their expensive houses! LOL

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