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  • cpa38 cpa38 Feb 26, 2004 3:08 PM Flag


    Ahh PTSX. I made a bunch. Lost it all and more. Lost some more. Made it back. Lost it all. Made a bundle. Then bolted. Net, net ... about 5% total return on two to three years effort. Pitiful. Yep, one frustrating play that PTSX. The board was a real source of entertainment though.

    BG, yes Brazil soybeans. Was there last year from $24 to $28 or so. What a damn shame. I left way too early. Got nervous about Brazil economy. Didn't know that China would save the day by sucking up the world supply.

    KMP, KMI ... yes, yes, yes. The only sane Ex-Enron executive with enough sense to bolt the house of greed. The man is one to admire. He puts his shareholders first. Wish I was there.

    What am I kicking around in these days? Coal, Rails, Steel, Ag. Am thinking the dollar slides more. Implications are huge. China currency peg to US Dollar will drive China to the US for basic materials. High shipping costs will change acquisition patterns for coal, steel, ag products. In many cases it now costs more to transport than for product acquisition. This will drive Europe business away from South America and to the US. I think US is headed into a huge economic boom that few foresee. Too much handwringing, worry, concern. Basic industries, their suppliers, and the transport sectors will be the big winners. Throw a dart and buy anything related to steel, coal, ag, transport ... those are the winning plays out 12 to 18 months.

    What do I like? ... MSB, CLF, ARLP, ACI, MTLM, MLT, HUBG, SCST, GBX and other boring stuff.

    Thanks for the heads up on FRO transaction. Was not in-tune to what is happening there. Will look into it.

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