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  • south_star_stud south_star_stud Mar 22, 2014 11:27 AM Flag

    SPDL is a flea on the Paypal Dog


    The ONLY and I mean ONLY company that even has a remote chance of dethroning Paypal is Apple.

    If you think otherwise you're a FOOL and not of the motley type.

    OTC dreamers are a strange bunch each hoping and praying they have stumbled upon the next Monster Energy Drink (Hansen's Beverage)

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    • Reasons why posters bash stocks: a) they are short, b) they are a competitor in disguise, c) they are jealous of one of the principles.... there are many reasons but there are a couple other less known reasons... d) it is a form of DD to search for a companies weaknesses (if there r any) (I must admit I have done this in the past a bit), and lastly e) to free up some stock by some one trying to get a large position (imagine trying to get a large position in this tight stock, nearly impossible)... Could SSS be (or work for) a pool of money actually trying to buy SPDL now ? If you were a hedge fund or pool of money how would you try to "shake the tree" of some stock to buy?

    • South star,

      I have talked about where Spindle falls in the mobile payment ad nauseam here over the last year or better. Never once have I suggested Spindle would attempt to compete with a PayPal, nor have they. In fact, there are numerous previous posts which discuss PayPal and how the companies differ. You may want to take a few moments and go back and read some of those older posts. I think you will find them of great benefit to bettering your general understanding of this company.

      Unlike others, I have no problem whatsoever with you asking questions and trying to learn more. Skepticism is a healthy thing because it allows the exchange of educated information about the company, much of which has long been posted, but newer readers would be inclined to have missed. I've never believed unbridled irrational exuberance helped anyone in these forums. A rational exchange of opinions is always a healthy thing.

      I said a long time ago, as it pertains to both the space and Spindle, the better educated investors are, the more compelling the value proposition of investing in this company ultimately becomes. This company's best friend is a properly educated investor.

      Lastly, I would read some of the recent articles on the company and watch some of the recent interviews with their CEO Bill Clark. Management really is one of the company's strongest assets and the primary reason why they've accomplished so much in such short order and with a disparate amount of resources when compared to the likes of others in the space.

      If you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer them. I look forward to some constructive discourse with you should you care to have any.

    • South-
      Paypal will never gain the traction that Spindle will with small businesses. I would never do business with my competitor. It will be an easy sell for Spindle.
      I bet your wrong.

    • Who said anything about SPDL dethroning PayPal? SPDL will be proven to have a better mCommerce platform than PayPal, but it certainly won't "dethrone" PayPal which has had about a 15-year head start. What a dope.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "The person who says it cannot
      be done should not interrupt
      the person doing it."
      - Chinese Proverb

    • Southstar, Are you from the State of Colorado? If so, you are smoking too much pot which makes your head spinning. Smoking cigarette is bad but smoking weed only makes you crazier and hallucinating. How did you find yourself on this board? Interesting....Spindle doesn/t need to dethrone Paypal. Spindle has the tool to be a billion dollar company. Bill Clark is executing methodically with every transaction. If you don't have $2.95 to invest, which is coincidentally the price of what Spindle closed on Friday, please go back smoking pot again. Enjoy your wild hallucination brother. Ciao baby

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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