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  • me_gtc me_gtc Nov 24, 2012 12:40 PM Flag

    Most Interesting Election Tidbit I Saw...

    No, for you to make money regardless of how is not the definition of "real value". But even you making money by investing in the stock market indirectly benefits the country by helping deepen the stock market and thus increasing the ability of future companies to sell shares to the public and enable future investment.

    Your question about Obamacare is a variation of a classical question; why should I be taxed to pay for something I don't use? For me, those questions could go along the lines of: why should I be taxed to pay for OSHA if I am retired, or why should I be taxed to pay for education when I don't have kids? The answer is that I derive indirect benefit from these programs even if I don't use them directly, and that society has set priorities which I have to live with as a member of society.

    From Obamacare, you get two types of indirect benefits that I see. First, a higher level of medical care in the country reduces the risk that you or yours will be affected by an epidemic - your waiter will be less likely to cough his tuberculosis or avian flu germs all over your lobster newburg if he can get treatment instead of working until he is deathly ill. Second, the country saves money by having patients with relatively mild disease states treated in relatively low cost settings like a doctor's office, instead of having a patient wait until he is deathly ill to get treatment in an expensive emergency room after which the patient defaults on the bill.

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