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  • allpaymenow allpaymenow Mar 24, 2005 12:08 AM Flag

    About the volume

    10 million shares traded and there are only about 4 million shares in the float. Gee, what does that mean?

    It means the pumpers bought and sold multiple times. They weren't holding. They took their profits. It's a pyramid scheme. The last people in get screwed.

    If the price went up on 1 or 2 million shares, that would probably mean there was a valid reason for the increase.

    I'm just being realistic and by all means, make some money on the increase. But don't think this baby has any legitimate reason to go significantly higher.

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    • as I was saying before...things keep going up on momentum like able didn't justify going up...not it being a delivery heating oil truck company...doesn't mean it didn't keep going up...if you can short this at 7.5 tomorrow, you will be happy no doubt...

    • thank you for correcting me

      i will adjust my lowered expectations of ABLE accordingly

    • yeah, and this guy supposedly knows his companies...

    • you can take my shares which I will sell at 6.83 then...11% gain should be attainable after a 93% move today...

    • it is about volume and momentum and the chart...this broke resistance around resistance is around 7.5...should do that on continued momentum before going down...all that volume at the close was a good sign for some continuation tomorrow...after hours doesn't mean much...a few hundred thousand shares when the volume was over 10 mil...come on...some people took profits and when there is no size after hours like the regular can go down like that...just like if people decided to buy

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      • I agree. When a stock retraces half of what it gained on 10 million shares and does it on light trading volume after hours.. tells me it is being manipulated by the MM's to get in at a better price, without selling cause they know its going much higher the next day.

      • ok, i cannot let that pass

        you people act as if a stock's price is totally disconnected from its revenue stream which is in fact all you are buying when you buy any equity - the sum of its future equity stream + today's equity value

        the contract announced today at most adds pennies a share per eyar for 5 years to the bottom line

        if you want to believe that the technical behavior of a stock is determined by its low float and not by its true value then you probably paid $700 an ounce for gold and $21 and ounce for silver and you use the home shopping netowrk to "save" money

        this stock is not n any way worth 90% more than it was yesterday

        to justify such a price appreciation the equity stream would have to have incrased by 90% and it hasn't even broken double digits

        i know taht many of you have a vested interst in being right about your postion here - it is only human nature to want to be right

        but in order to be accurate, to preserve capital and to make money in the market you cannot afford to pay too much for any stock - and certainly not 50-70% more than it is worth

        the low float cha cha cha that is making headlines in this market is like being in vegas when a bunch of large slot jackpots are accounced - some stocks have exhibited extraordinary behavior in the past few weeks - and therefore some believe that GIGA will behave the same way - like those jackpots that create energy and hope but do not change the odds on your next pull those stocks mean nothing when applied to the true worth of this company's earnings stream, its equity value as represented by the stock and if you think that someone else's profits mean that you have a better chance by paying more than they did, paying more than this stock is really worth and just hoping for magic to make your profits for you, sorry, it just does not work taht way - you are thinking with your heart and not your mind

        there are computers rebooting tonight that willbe crunching numbers and examining complex abstract mathematical algorithms and they will determine what this stock does tomorrow

        there are around 500 multi million dollar day traders who will add their influence

        there are ALL of the largest brokerage houses who will have junior broker/analysts/maangers loggying for thhe funds to either go long or short on GIGA in order to make the company a little extra money in order to pad their bonus checks

        and there are you people who keep up by reading yahoo

        and do you know where you rank in terms of influence? influence on the activity and price of the stock?

        you are the people with the money that all of these computers and professionals are going take tomorrow as they did today

        if you have a profit, take it, if not take a small loss if the price does not move in your direction

        make a plan and stick with it

        good luck

        this stock is going down

        tomorrow or monday or april or may

        it is going back below $5 where it belongs because that is what it is worth

        the sooner you accept this the sooner you can make a good solid decision about what you want to do with your money here or somewhere else

        you do know that there are over 5,000 other stocks that youcould be buying right?

      • How are you determining resistance levels?

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