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  • buyersbroker_246 buyersbroker_246 Dec 19, 2012 2:59 PM Flag

    Merry Christmas Chairman & CEO Dominic Orr

    Merry Christmas Mr. Orr,

    I'm sure it will be a lot merrier for you, seeing you just sold another 87,600 shares of ARUN stock worth over 1.75 Million Dollars. As for your shareholders, however, you and the rest of the Board of Directors get a big fat lump of coal in your stockings!!!! We are sick and tired of your profligate spending on excessive stock based compensation!!!! Hopefully you are somewhat concerned as you did not even receive votes from a majority of shareholders to retain your position on the Board of Directors. I am hoping that if you and the rest of the Board do not shape up and start treating shareholders fairly, we will have an alternate slate to choose from at the next annual meeting, in which case you may be looking for a new job.

    You appear to be a talented executive. Therefore, you should know better. We need an independent compensation committee to adopt a reasonable compensation plan for executives, as opposed to the bloated plan you have utilized to fleece shareholders of all corporate profits. Santa will know whether you have been good or bad next year. If you would like to retain your position as Chairman, you better be good!!!

    And as for the stock buyback program, you better kick it into high gear to try and absorb all the shares you and the rest of the management team are dumping. We are counting on less dilution and more profits next quarter!

    Ho Ho Ho!

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    • As if on cue, right at the highs of the day, ARUN issues a press release highlighting its SEC filing showing another management share dump - I think 18,000 shares this time. I am still waiting to hear news that the share buyback has been completed or expanded. I am dumbfounded that the shareholder vote of no confidence in the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Company at the annual meeting has neither been acknowledged by the Company nor reported on by anyone.

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      • I've been a holder for a couple of years now, and although I've been doing pretty well(buying the weakness and selling the strength), I'm about ready to move on. The relentless selling by these executives(under the guise of the 10b5-1 plan) is just getting ridiculous. Makes one wonder what this would be selling at if the board actually gave a damn about the shareholders. BTW, the Wall Street Journal ran an interesting piece awhile ago about how executives abuse the 10b5-1 plans and it made me think of these guys.

    • is he still friendly with Google.alot of ceo sell before taking any bid.

    • Watch out, nclag; there seems to be a new sheriff in town...

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      • I will defer to Buyers. He IS the Sheriff. And he is right! What is a bit disconcerting is that the normal 10B5-1 sales by Dom this year have been for about 24k shares, whereas this one was for 87k. I do not know the rules that would allow him to have discretion over the number of shares sold. It is my understanding they can not choose the day. The only rational I can offer Buyers is that Dom is probably locking in some Capital Gains on low basis shares before Capital Gains rates go up. He has been doing substantial personal planning lately as he has also recently established a Charitable Remainder Trust with a significant number of shares. So he is probably acting on his Accountant's advice to diversify and lock in some Cap Gains. And he still owns about 1.8M shares directly or indirectly, so he is not 'bailing' out.

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