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  • schofi2016 schofi2016 Sep 11, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    Maybe it is just me, but does MCD get their growth from fooling customers?

    My last three trips to MCD resulted in ordering off the board a regular meal and getting a medium which is $.10 to $.15 more plus tax. On a $4 meal, that is a big revenue uptick, and when I ask the counter person they just say it is policy to type in medium if the customer does not define it as a small. Doesn't sound right to me so I tried it, I ordered a small and the receipt was a medium... after all who will notice an extra $.20-$.35 cents?

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    • Your an idiot.

      You should be worried about what the RE;PUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS have done to your country and how they have SNUFFED your children's future.

      You F'ng #$%$ Focus on the important facts and not some 19yr old making incorrect change.


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