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  • cublove2003 cublove2003 May 8, 2013 11:48 PM Flag

    A Suggestion To McDonald's PR Department

    McDonalds should consider writing an open letter such as the following:

    The fine products of McDonald’s, like those of many other national brands, are used by millions of people every day. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that, on a daily basis, the heroes, the victims and the perpetrators, associated with various crimes, will be found among the millions of consumers of McDonald’s and/or among the users of the products of many other national brands.

    The recent events in Cleveland, OH, involving the victimization of women and children, are the latest example of the multitude of tragedies that seemingly have dominated the headlines over the last several months. The speed with which the news of these events travel has been accelerated by the existence of social media. By sheer coincidence the name of McDonald’s and that of Charles Ramsey have been linked together in cyberspace. While we are happy that Charles Ramsey (widely applauded as a hero), along with millions of others, enjoys our product, we did not solicit his endorsement.

    Nevertheless, we see no reason to be disappointed or embarrassed that Ramsey consumes our products. And, as has been mentioned in numerous news accounts, we are amazed by the vividness, and yes the humor, of his recounting of how the victims were rescued. While his telling of the story was enthusiastic and humorous, it did not dismiss the seriousness of the victims’ ordeal.

    After careful consideration, we have decided to do, in response to these recent developments, two things. First of all, we will donate a significant sum of funds to selected responsible non-profit organizations that seek to eliminate violence against women. And secondly, we will consider the possibility of featuring the seemingly innate humor and urban wit of Charles Ramsey in some of our future commercials.

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