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  • hunter66921 hunter66921 Jun 29, 2013 4:47 AM Flag

    over 40

    I was told the other day by a McDonald’s manager that I can’t get a job at McDonalds because I am over 40. I’m pretty sure this is illegal but I guess they don’t think anyone is goanna bother to pay for an attorney and sue over a minimum wage job. I tried to call corporate but was told they could not do anything because this is a franchise owned McDonalds and they can do as they please. I turned 38 in Afghanistan and am now disabled seems now I am to old to even make a hamburger. whats up with that McDonalds?

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    • If you have an honorable discharge from the military, I am sure you can do a lot better than Mickey D's. That said, in my area we have a lot of retirees that work in the mornings and early afternoons before school gets out. The real problem is these are part time jobs so you couldn't come close to making ends meet on one, so they are really for the young, beginning worker or those already retired who just want a little extra spending money. Good luck and thank you for your service.

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    • Could it be more a managers decision? By hiring someone older and maybe over qualified, he could be bringing in competion for his own job.

    • Not sure that is true. I have been in many Micky D's where there are people in their 60's or 70's. True it is an entry level job. Have you tried Starbucks(?), again an entry level job, but, I have seen people in there well past 40.

    • I'm 60, been out of a job 2 years until this past November. I went to Mickey Dees and did the same thing you did, looked at me and laughed. Even the unemployment office told me I was too old, yes the unemployment office told me that. The people at Mickey Dees can't even read and write, have you ever seen their register? It's got pictures of what you order....they can't even put a picture together. What a bunch of pigs, greed all the corporate staff care about is their money, lets face it, people don't care anymore, its going to get worse, we're going to have to fight for what we want pretty soon. We're going to be a 3rd world nation, if not already.

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      • How would they know your age? It is an illegal topic. Most importantly I believe is your attitude. You come across as being a little negative. Think positively. In many positions maturity is a real asset. With age should come "wisdom" ... use it wisely. If you have been unemployed for 2 years how did you use that free time? Did you do Volunteer work? Volunteer work looks good on a resume as it shows a prospective employer a positive attitude and an individual with a "git 'er done" attitude which is sadly lacking in many of us Americans today. Good luck.

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