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  • balsski balsski Mar 11, 2011 12:13 PM Flag

    EARNINGS soon......

    Let's hope that they don't doctor the books and make their earnings look better than they actually are. I would not put it past them.

    I cannot understand why they didn't use robots in their plants to build their autos. I question everything about this company.

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    • About all the rumors flying around about BYD copying everything, why do you really care? There are only two things that would make me worry. One is Buffett selling out, which means that he no longer feels that the future prospects are attractive. And two, the earnings doesn't stop going down in a few years and profitability disappears.

      In life, it is usually not the original inventors who are good at making money. However, people who are good at copying are sometimes very good at making money - sad but true. One example would be Apple for example. Apple stole all the graphical operating system ideas from Xerox and released MacOS. Microsoft in turn stole all the MacOS ideas and created Windows and took control of the world.

      So who cares? Do you think all the eReaders that are so popular were invented by Amazon? Phillips invented that epaper technology and is the one least profiting from the pad and ereaders mania.

      There is a movie that I like that shows how the world works. It is called Contact. The movie shows that the Americans take the risks and come up with the best ideas (they build the time machine). Then, when the American experiment goes bad and explodes, Jodie Foster finds out that the Japanese had been secretly working on a copy project. The thing with the Japanese is that they copy everything that the Americans do, but they do it BETTER. This is how it is always been, and that is why Ford does not make the best cars.

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