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  • balsski balsski Mar 15, 2011 3:40 PM Flag

    Warren sure goofed on this one

    I'm sure he is pretty upset with the guy that talked him into investing in BYD.

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    • If he did not hold this stock for ever as you usually do and sold it last August, he would have made more than 1000% profit on this investment. Even if he sold now, he would still make 400% profit. No reason for upsetting with the guy.

    • He has more than tripled his money in two years. The price you pay matters. This is not a Buffett stock as much as it is a Munger stock. If they had changed their long term opinion of the stock they could have sold it. With BYD though they may have felt an obligation to hold the shares forever since they are a little more than passive investors. Buffett and Munger will have some comments at the annual meeting.

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      • Warren is in no hurry. The issue is price per vehicle. Get in on the cheaper models and get some volume to your sales. Byd needs a cheap model they should buy out KNDI.
        In many years of studying companies and investing I have yet to see the machine
        > beat strong fundamentals over time. So the question is how strong are Kandi's
        > fundamentals really?? And looking out what can one expect to see?
        > The Chinese government has decreed that China will lead the global EV car
        > industry. They have the money to make this happen. The numbers are so large that
        > almost every contender and many start ups are vying for a position. I have done
        > a fair amount of work on Kandi. With the Italy purchase order, I can easily
        > count sales of over 2500 Cocos not including any sales in the last quarter in
        > the Jinhua City promotion. BYD sold 63. I have yet to find any company that
        > has matched the unit sales volume Kandi has achieved. (Has anyone found a
        > company with more sales??) To me this is a validation of Kandi's strategy
        > selling of low priced entry level electric cars.
        > The battery exchange model is going to happen in China. It is in its early
        > stages and we do not know the strength and details of Kandi's patents for the
        > side removal and exchange. It clearly makes more sense than the other examples
        > I have seen. But it is not surprising that Kandi and the electric companies
        > would proceed cautiously. The winners have yet to be determined. Charging
        > infrastructure as well as service and dealer support are just being developed.
        > In addition it takes time for JV's and other deals to work their way through
        > the bureaucracy in China. This is a national priority where large subsidy
        > programs are in place. Small US public companies with a good future in many ways
        > have a decided advantage in the "art of the deal". Black scholes reductions for
        > stock options have had an material impact in reported earnings in the past, but
        > look how much Kandi has achieved in such a short time Will Kandi have a
        > monopoly? NO, but they are clearly emerging as a viable manufacturer with a
        > business strategy that seems to have more traction than most other Chinese EV
        > companies. The SGCC JV is but one example. I expect more to come. Why? because
        > to meet the national goals, many companies will get much bigger.

      • Just wondering if it could be Buffet slowly selling off..

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