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  • beachguy1002003 beachguy1002003 Mar 10, 2005 4:55 PM Flag

    Take a ride

    i agree with you..I DON'T WANT THE HANDLE TO BECOME WHAT THE NEWBIES LEFT! thats what happened to south florida, and having lived in pompano beach for 10's awful. your statement can be valid for any town, city or state. florida has changed, and it will change for the next millenia. how far do you want to take this the paleo indians? it is of the human nature to expand and develop, and yes, humans have screwed the pooch many times. somehow, i think JOE and the local involved governments will not let the panhandle become broward county. i believe that all parties committed to this growth want it controlled, to do the right thing FOR ONCE, and to make it a showplace of how development should be done. am i alone in my thoughts about our future? i think not. JOE will make mistakes, no doubt about it. but they will not make the same mistakes over and over again like most developers. they won't try and squeeze and rip off every dollar they can, they have plenty of money there is no need for that.

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