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  • lucy_nuff lucy_nuff Jun 24, 2010 6:39 PM Flag

    Cramer is trashing JOE big time!

    He also trashed the panhandle.

    he said something to the effect that vacationers/tourists won't return to the panhandle for years.
    i'll betcha everyone in the panhandle changed channels.
    cramer needs to be reined-in.

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    • >>>>cramer needs to be reined-in.<<<<

      nah. you can make money off this guy.

      the only way i have made money trading is playing off cramer mass hysteria.

      when he says buy, sell on the pop; when he say sell, buy on the dive; at least 85% accuracy. but i dont do it any more. just not my thing. besides, his market moving power is declining.

      no one knows for sure what will happen. those beaches, heretofore known as the forgotten beaches, might benefit from the ubiquitious publicity which will endure. upon cleaning the oil mess, you could have TV specials praising the surprising speed of the cleanup and heartwarming community effort which could inspire people to come and check it out.

      that is a scenario, not a forecast. no one knows.

      of course none of this is too likely if such a pulling together is led by the current corrupt JOE leadership which has demonstrated that they are the only ones that matter in their own minds. JOe needs a CEO that loves those "little people" and can connect with them. unlikely.

    • Cramer is the same guy that told people to get out of the market when the DOW was at 75oo. Talk about horrible advice. Also it was about 2 weeks ago he was calling for the DOW to drop back down to 82oo.

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