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  • alenager2 alenager2 Dec 30, 2004 6:52 AM Flag

    $1 Billion - The Fun Begins!

    Now that ETR has sold the pipeline and has a warchest free and clear let's see what comes from talks that have been in progress. Granted ETR will not overpay for any asset, but I am sure they have a few ideas that will now come to fruition. Do I have any inside info - no. I just know ETR wants to stay an independent "big boy" and the best way to do it is through acquisition. Yeah, they can buy their own stock back and please Wall Street, but if that's all they can do it is time to get some new money managers in the corporate ranks. As I have said before TXU, because of Wilder and it is in their territory. It also will give them a better chance of winning rate cases in an area they have not been doing good. The other is CEG, they need help and ETR is getting the rep of a team that can turn around companies. We shall see. Picked up some more shares this week. Again all this is IMHO. Good luck, Happy New Year.

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    • So, Who is going to take advantage of FE and their dilemma? Looks like it's ripe for the pickens.

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