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  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Jun 11, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    Stinky Press Release

    Sorry, but whether this is a good thing or bad in reality, it looks bad. It implies that she either advised, and her advise was rejected or she simply didn't like what she saw and cut an ran. Although she was supposed to be be perky, smart, and tuned in, there is another side to this. I also trust Ivan Braiker more than any CEO we've ever had. He is all about the product and the company. Hell, it was his company. He got it to a point where he sold it to Augie, and will get it to the point where he will sell it to someone else. Just got to get the share price up before we really entertain offers. I'll bet we've got some offers for a buck and a quarter a share, but who wants that. (Well, come to think, many of you) . But forgetting all of that, I don't want to sell the company now at this price, I'd be content with 3 bucks 18 months down the road. I know, we all have dreams. It would be nice if the company could at least "look" stable, whether it is or isn't. More endless waiting. Ho hum.

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    • Some people had suggested that Robbee was a CEO candidate, nobody has yet brought it up, but I think it is likely she had hopes of taking over after Robert Hussey as she did join Augme during his time here. If her chance of running this company is gone, maybe it simply was not worth her time to stick around. She can certainly buy shares (they are cheap enough) if she thinks the company has a bright future. She seemed quite enthusiastic about Hipcricket when she joined. I would like to hear more about her contributions while here and her departure at the shareholder meeting, but most of the focus should be on reaching cfbe and changing the name to Hipcricket.

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    • Horse-The only thing it "implies" is that you choose to see the darkness instead of the light. You are making flawed assumptions based on your own preconceived notions. Why not just listen to what she actually said? Your assertions are the height of intellectual dishonesty and even worse, you infect the board with your disease. My statement is not just limited this this is a trend with you.

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      • Look, all I'm saying is that it doesn't look good. She just got here, now she's gone. How can you spin that into something good. At the least, it looks like we don't have our stuff together at the board level. Between CEOs and board members you must admit that we've had our share of turnover lately. Stability is important I think. Auggie isn't religion; It's about finance and performance. Also, turning me into Darth Vader (I live on the dark side) seems personal and not about what I said. Everyone lies when they leave. Listen to what she said? At least she didn't cite family reasons. I also didn't look on the bright side when we lost the Yahoo case. As for "infecting the board with my disease, " well, I think the aforementioned quote shows the type of contribution you make to the board. I try to look at the facts and comment on them when present themselves. It's a stinky press release I think. I'll wait for some good news.