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  • tbirdau03 tbirdau03 Jun 12, 2013 11:26 PM Flag

    Bashers win. Pumpers lose.

    Bashers have won and the pumpers have all gone into hiding. This stock is dead. Almost ready to throw in the towel and cut my losses.

    Buyout? Yes please, I'll take 75 cents but that's being optimistic. Looks like no one wants this company at all and if they did, they could of had it.

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    • haha - funny........bashers have been in hiding for a week.....even ride has shut his lip for days......

    • Don't know if you have been watching the stock trade as of late but it's very obvious there are a few funds building positions. We know who one is and they are by far the largest investor to ever take a position in the company. They have visited with the company a handful of times in recent months and are now in the market accumulating. They began a couple weeks ago approximately. I'd expect they remain below the 5% threshold of reporting their holdings. We know of a couple other funds doing the same. This stock will trade higher in time or they will be acquired. Either way we maintain our price objective at $1.25, conservatively discounting current revenue projections and applying just a 4X multiple of current year sales. The stock remains very undervalued. As a general rule of investing and having managed money for decades, we typically find that when investors like yourself reach a capitulatory state, that's often time to be buying or adding to a name.

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      • Adam is correct. In one year we will be about a buck... Then, IMO, the stock will start to move upwards dramatically as the Yahoo case comes to a head.... Our IP will be back in play, as our attorneys will get it right this time... meanwhile the company will move along and the space will start to heat up even more... at this point even some of the Longs will be surprised.... buyout in two years, 14 or 15 bucks per share..... enjoy the Open this week, gentleman.. the players need to be patient at Merion, we need to be patient as well and let the Yahoo case play out.. that's where the money is...

      • Ars you Adam Ant?

      • Adam, your posts are pathetic. Print your post, stand in front of a mirror and read it out loud. Is this the type of person you want to be? Don't pretend you are someone which you are not and don't make stuff up to support your agenda. It's sad.

      • Hmmm Lets see, you said in JANUARY of this year (just 6 months ago) that $2.00 was the right price. Where is your new target going to be in another 6 months.

        If you take the time to review all the prior post from this gentleman and study where the price points are for his buy ins for this stock and other, vs their current prices he must have problem now paying his power bill.

        For you newbies, please look at the past predictions and you decide if he is full of wind or fact.

      • So Adam, r u saying these funds are responsible for moving the stock from .34 several weeks ago to .42 several days ago and now at .38? so who is the one fund you know ? or are you going to be like the NSA saying they have stopped dozens of attacks but cant tell us details..?

    • You pretty much nailed it on fhe head. By the way, averaging down iz like taking another bullet between the teeth unlike sharks we dont have replaceable ones, so it hurts. lol

    • Pumpers only have personal attacks to work with. Bashers, no work needed as the stock bashes itself.

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      • Lets, its predictable all the excuses the pumpers are coming out with. Ex employees, patience on fundamentals etc... They an no longer point to any facts or fundamentals but just bashing because they can't. The fat lady has sung and the train has left the station. Yet the pumpers keep alluding to just wait until the fundamentals catch up. My guess is they have been advocating for years to wait. That is the only mantra they have left now is wait, wait, wait. They have nothing left in the tank. They don't even promote hope anymore. This a hope stock at best now. Nothing more. All that is left is hope. No fundamentals, no IP, by the companuys own admission, they lowered their growth projections. Nothing more to say. That is powerful enough. Their business is slowing down folks, mark it.

    • Worst thing I ever did was to average down on this stock and tie up even more money. I should of stuck to my guns.

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      • tbird, look at all the TU already got..many here are in the same boat and feel the same as you.. averaging down can work , but it is a very bad can lead to will own a lot of stock and lost a lot of $$...some here caused a lot of pain by telling others that every drop was a bargain and the mkt doesn't know it..a "disconnect" if you will, and don't look at the chart or the stock price..we know the true value and will be more..just pure they are leaving..moving on to better stocks...the mkt was right, the cheerleaders and pumpers were fools...but nobody won anything, the naysayers just saw it more can come back but backing down their revenue growth is very bad..this is why IB never has big good news, there isn't needs a miracle, a buyout or IP win.. but they are a huge longshot..