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  • iamlow2008 iamlow2008 Feb 28, 2008 1:16 AM Flag

    I am having a nervous breakdown

    I shorted GLD and SLV at 80 and 145, these were pretty hefty positions and I kept adding more and more to my short position as these skyrocketed up. I have lost a ton of money so far. I refinanced my family's home and liquidated my kid's college funds as well as mine and my wife's retirement fund in order to short more at these highs, I am hoping I can get the money back on a correction. When I told my wife how much money we lost, we had one of the worst fights of our marriage and she said she couldn't deal with me at home for a while. Here I am posting this from my laptop in a hotel room dreading what might happen next in the market. I never expected gold and silver to go up so high, so fast. The so called experts all said to sell sell sell and look where it's gotten me.

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