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  • stocktalk234 stocktalk234 Jun 15, 2008 8:39 AM Flag

    What Makes McCain a War Hero?

    It is awesome that he served our country but when I think of the term 'war hero' the next thought in my mind is what did he do that was "heroic"? I understand that he went through an ordeal that all of us cant understand and words will never explain. But getting tortured for a number of years against your own will hardly equates to hero. Courage, fortitude, will to live are terms that come to mind but war hero is not one of them.

    So I ask, how is is that people consiedr McCain a war hero?
    What did HE DO that was heroic? Just want to know becuase I dont understand the hero tag.

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    • bella fica,

      It sounds to me like we are in agreement on quite a bit. :)

      We are however going to see non-dollar denominated oil very soon, even without Saddam. There is going to be a pan-Arabic currency backed by gold and then they will start quoting oil in that currency instead of dollars. You read it here first. <sigh>

    • Number figure this one out. How did the allies learn of the concentration camps in Germnay? All the news was censored about them except comics that were drawn and hidden away to be transported by anyone they could get to bring them out to the newspapers. I do not think democracy is for everyone and it shouldnt be pushed on them. I also feel the same for socialism. I think alot of the problems in Iraq relates to the fact that the west is pushing their lifestyle and thoughts on them. We think democracy is great and it is the ultimate belief to us. I don't know what Bush thinks seeing there were so many various themes used to promote that conflict. I have read though that before all the ruckus started Sadham saw the demise of the dollar and wanted to trade using either gold or the euro. Can you imagine where we would be now if Sadham got his way and the dollar was spurned by opec? As hard as it seems to many we must respect the various cultures and religions that make up this green and blue world and learn and share what we have for we are all basically the same and maybe once we take the time for this barriers will fall and ignorance we have towards each other will end.

    • OK, how about Slavery then?

    • A Hero is one that will do what is required regardless of the consequences.

    • I don't think the existence of criminal behavior by individuals such as the cases you cite of the Columbine massacre or the DC snipers says anything about whether a country is a democracy. If the police force went into a high school and committed a massacre, you would have a point.

      As I stated before, while I disagree with many of the positions of many of our government officials, I do not believe any of them are affirmatively trying to harm our country or its citizens.

    • Numbers, I admire your knowledge but am baffled by your logic.

      Under your way of thinking the US is not a "Democracy". After all look at the Columbine high massacre where teenagers run into a school with loaded automatic weapons killing school age children because they dont like the classes, or a young boy and a deviant old man carry out sniper attacks all over DC and Maryland or where some Gay kid gets the life beaten out of him simply because he chooses a different lifestyle. Of course there are many more examples! Anyone could point to those examples and say America is a dark country and needs to be invaded to bring about a better life!

      In the end, America really is not a Democracy anyway. Yes we got to vote for politicians but the will of the people is secondary to the cash of lobbyists; even you can not argue this point.

      Have you ever read the "Privacy Policy" statement from your bank or credit card? It says, for your protection you have no rights or say so in what we do with your information. We will give it to anyone we want and even after you cease being a customer we will let anyone we want have your information; of course this is for my protection, just like DHS. How does my congress allow a breach of my personal privacy like this? One word; Cash!

      What is good for America has stopped being good for Americans. What we have as a consitution and each president swears to uphold has in the words of President Bush (and I quote directly from him) become "just a goddamn piece of paper".

      This country has no moral high ground. We have become the host to other interests that are mostly financial in nature. Probably the largest offending lobbyist (leach) group is the Israeli's. What you preach as "sincerely believeing in Democracy" is just smoke and mirrors for lies and deceptions to an otherwise uneducated and un-interested citizenry.

      Perhaps the lethargy will wear off and real change will come about but at the moment I would say the cattle are well herded and overfed.

    • the iraq invasion/occupation is the biggest plunder ever committed by this country. a whole nation is being destroyed. two million of the brightest have been forced to leave the country. over 500,000 deaths. oil has skyrocketed. our budget is in shambles. be ready to see more people in line at the grocery store with missing limbs not to mention the psychological scars. this blunder will cost close to 3 trillion dollars by the time we pay for everything. how do we pay, print more money. bush claims to be a religeous man when actually he is little more than a redneck, draft-evader, spoiled brat that never had to work for a living. and did i mention he was a cheerleader in college?

    • If the government is so good at covering things up, how did Abu Ghraib (sp?) make the front pages?

      Regarding what I think the motivations were for getting into Iraq:

      I believe President Bush and many of those surrounding him sincerely believe that democracy is a natural human desire. This belief may have been shaped at least partly by the writings of Sharansky, who as you may remember was a very influential Soviet refusenik... he has written a lot about this idea. I personally admire Sharansky tremendously and used to agree with this idea myself. I was thrilled, as I'm sure many other Americans were, to see the photos of Iraqis, especially Iraqi women, holding up their purple thumbs to show they had voted. While I still think Sharansky's idea is correct for more-or-less Western societies, I now think it only applies to societies which have already reached some stage of recognition of individuals as individuals, which seems not to be the case in at least most of the Arab countries. In societies where fathers kill their daughters for besmirching the family honor by being raped, and policemen push young girls back into their burning school because they are not wearing the all-enveloping black garment, obviously individuals are not considered individuals. Individuals in such societies, when given the right to vote, do not vote for their own true self-interest.

      Similarly, in many ways our foreign policy was shaped by our relationship with the former Soviet Union... they may have had a different political system, but Mutual Assured Destruction worked because our adversary would not have taken action guaranteed to destroy also their own people. The radical Islamists have no such constraints, "suicide bombers" are a small-scale manifestation of this.

    • I would rather not discuss 9/11 at this time. I agree on your theory of a patriot. I think there are too many fake patriots out there though who are waving the flag talking the talk and walking the walk for their own personnel gains. I only ask you to think about whats going on and why are we following the path we are on? I wonder what lies down the road we are traveling especially in Iraq whose government we have established is turning their backs from us and entering into peaceful talks with their neighbors. You do realize the Iraqi government has promised the Iranians that there will be no coallition bases on their territory after Dec 2008! Intersting!

    • LOL, it is the agenda of the government that is clear: stripping away constitutional rights, corporate-government hand washing, controlling other parts of the world, profiteering and more. That agenda is very clear from 9-11.

      And what is the agenda of the "conspiracists"? I know what your answer is; you don’t really know because you have never listened to what they are saying.

      Consider this:

      8 of the supposed 19 hijackers are still alive today

      Funding for mohamed atta was given via the head of Pakistans ISI; who was having breakfast in the white house on 9/11

      The 9/11 commission report says it is of little practical consequence who funded the 9-11 attacks! What a fuking lie that is. What happened to we will make no distinction between the terrorists and those who harbor them? Where is Bin Laden now? In Pakistan, our good ally. But let’s not upset the Pakistanis instead we can invade Iraq in the name of Bin Laden!

      The commission report never even mentions wtc7. Wouldn’t you want to know from a structural perspective how a steel building fell so you could alter future design requirements to prevent it from happening again? Especially since no airplane hit this building?

      And of course I am sure you have heard of all 3 steel structured WTC buildings falling at nearly free fall speed; which is impossible with just fire. And since every news anchor on the day of 9-11 said it looks like a demolition and then no anchor ever said it again And the investigators they sent to the scene said there were many indications of demolition and it clearly looks like all 3 buildings were professionally demolished you would think the commission would investigate the possibility of demolition. NOPE, it could have only been by fire. When does a building look like and have evidence of being demolished not be a demolition?

      There are so many other inconsistencies in what we are told happened and what actually did happen that it is clear the government is covering something up! They are counting on people like you to accept what they are told and never open their mind to it again.

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