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    • Excellent video

    • That was informative, thank you. WV and N.C. are the states of West Virgina and North Carolina I presume. Yes? I believe that most people around the world see a change of parties in the White House. Bush has turned most people I speak to against his party.

    • The Big Events I am concerned about:

      1. A financial crisis. This could be a collapse of the stock market, hyper inflation and federal bankrupcy.

      2. An endless oil crisis brought on by peak oil and an unexpected sudden drop in oil exports from the middle east.

      3. A nuclear war either domestic or overseas.

      4. A food crisis caused by any of the above or some other unexpected event leading to starvation in this country. Our just in time economy means we have very little supplies of all kinds in warehouses.

      These are the things I think about just about every day. I don't know if owning gold is much of a protection for any of them.

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      • Hello,

        I think the banking crisis, hyperinflation, the housing collapse, and the possibility of nuclear war, will be overshadowed by fuel shortages. Newspapers are beginning to carry reports of fuel riots and trucker strikes, in France, the U.K., and Malaysia. Our occupation of Iraq appears to be an attempt to secure the Persian Gulf. Worldwide oil production @ 85 million barrels/day, is insufficient for consumption @ 87 million barrels/day, especially with declining, mature, major oil reservoirs, and with 6 billion people on the planet.

        People in Arizona, Florida, and Texas, will need to migrate to northern cities like Chicago, in order to survive summer heat without electric power. Russia will be repopulated with migrants from tropical and subtropical regions.

        Food shortages will develop because petrochemical herbicides and fertilizers will become unavailable. We will become a nation of vegetarians, unless we can find fish or wild animals in our neighborhoods.

        Medicines and antibiotics will be in short supply. Life expectancies will plummet.

        As individuals, we can solve the inflation problem by borrowing heavily to buy commodities. But we can't solve the oil problem, IMO.

        Unfortunately, we live in interesting times.


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