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  • usakmatt usakmatt Aug 19, 2008 7:30 PM Flag

    If gold is such a sure thing......

    1) Perhaps we should all drop gold/silver and invest in paper. Our government can't seem to print enough of it.
    2) Speaking for myself, I am certainly a patriot, and I do not want to see my Country collapse, even if it means that I lose a few bucks on precious metals. However, it has unfortunately taken me too many years to realize that our politicians do not have our best interests in mind. I alone cannot undo what they have done and continue to do. Therefore, it is in my best interest as protector of my family to take the necessary precautions.
    3) We don't know what is going to happen in a year. It is almost certainly a losing proposition to bet against our corrupt government. If that is true, then we who invested in GLD will most certainly lose. However, there are other countries that have fallen prey to our politicians, and I am going to guess that precious metals cannot be completely undone based upon that fact. So I will say again...we don't know what will happen. My opinion is to buy some gold and silver bullion so that you at least have options, no matter what your 'paper' loss might be.
    4) Smart money, in my opinion, would also be somewhat invested in oil.
    5) Regarding riots, I would suggest an investment in lead. To quote McQueen: "We deal in lead, friend."
    6) A dollar collapse would not be the end of the world. I would entertain a dollar collapse if we permanently linked our new currency to a normalizing entity like gold or even population. This would engender a stronger US and I believe a better world. The business cycle of inflation-recession-inflation does not work indefinitely. Fiat-based systems all collapse sooner or later. The longer the wait, the tougher the collapse.
    7) Regarding Hitler-types who would love to take control here, I pray that the recent ruling by the Supreme Court regarding the ability for the US citizenship to bear arms stays in full force so long as we exist. A "Hitler" will have a much more difficult time dealing with an armed and defense-ready populus. Our right to bear arms exists to protect ourselves from foreign invaders and an oppressive government. Certain members of our Supreme Court are obviously wise. They made the recent ruling for good reason. Look at the taxes you pay. Look what happens to you if you are caught speeding: you are literally arrested. What happens if you cannot afford the tax on your home (because of our tax and spend leadership--done for the purpose of control) and you do not leave: men with guns forcibly remove you, and you would be lucky if you did not end up in jail. Shall I continue? Feeling oppressed yet? Or has the corruption not gotten bad enough.

    Times are not good, whatever we may wish for. People need to take care of themselves and their families first. Worry about your neighbors next, if they are worth it. Do what you think is best. If that means buying some of this stock, then do so. It is your freedom to own gold. If you would give up that freedom if it meant not having a bullet in your body, then you are already oppressed and already a subject of the next Hitler. I pity that mentality.

    Don't get me wrong...I wish for freedom and peace. I just don't think we are headed toward that reality. The first step in correcting this is to bring our legal system back into natural law system from the civil law system to which we have changed. That is why Rome fell (or at least one major reason). But that is a new and much longer discussion. The bottom line: the US needs to change. I do not see any candidate that can institute the required change. Until our politicians change, take care of yourself first. God bless, and best of luck to all...with this stock and otherwise.

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    • Good post. I thought Hillary would have been best.

      Part of the problem is Politicians are not economists - far from it. And our economy is run by an elite group - the FED - the Treasury (do they have general accounting dept too, Medcare projections, Social Security prjections, and Miltary, etc)- and the IRS. The FED listens to business ... the rest to the Prez. H and S spends. So there is no getting away from Politics! LOL!

      2nd problem is economists are not mathematicians. They probably flunked higher math is why they became economists. Not really true though. Most economists didn't take higher math. Economics is more fun for them.

      What is not understood well is Golbal forces in this economic system. No one understands it. The dam is springing leaks and they don't know how to plug it up. Not that I do.

      I think the world is getting tired of the US debt. That ripple effect has yet to happen and the dam will spring a couple more leaks.

      The only thing I know to do is put my money in the best place I know. Gold seems to be it. I think I see why this current down 2 seek turn happened. We'll see.

      About every 20 years the US economy hits a big bump in the road. This one looks really big. I think they are handling it as well as can be expected. Can't start a war we are there ... can't drop off a standard we have - none left ...

      So go back on a gold standard? That has not been tried.

      However has the most gold rules. US has 8,000 tons.

      I don't know how they would get back on one with this much debt. If gold went up 30X that would do it for the US with gold backed bills ... the world might accept it at 10X current price too or lower.

      They talk about an Amero too now ... but I suspect that will happen like the Rubel to Kopec if it does. The world will beg for an Amero ... I don't think Canada will buy it. I don't know.

      Gold backed Amero ... let the dollar slide - gold go up - introduce the gold backed Amero ... Canada might go for that ...

      Hail brave new world ...

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