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  • nelsonchunder nelsonchunder Sep 2, 2008 8:04 PM Flag

    Is everyone here an expert?

    "Why is there always one person who has to flame me?"

    Maybe you should look at how your writing style comes off. Your 1st post present you as a know-it-all instead of being the peaceful guru you seem to want to be in the 2nd post.

    Perhaps if you yourself were to be the change you wish to see in this sick civilization, you might see other change with you. Instead, you came off as a typical "I know more than you" trader, which really doesn't add much enlightenment to anyone's overall situation.

    Here's a hint...this isn't a flame. I'm just making an observation you probably won't see because you haven't learned to communicate in an enlightened manner or do a decent self-examination. It's harder to set the example than to tell everyone else how they should be doing things. THAT is one of the major sicknesses of this society.

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