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  • ben.franklin36 ben.franklin36 Apr 4, 2009 1:19 AM Flag

    G20 says gold is a worthless relic.

    I agree with auri. The Fed, etc is scared sh*tless about what's happening and Ben said so this week that he is "extremely uncomfortable" with what treasury is doing. His effort to block the bonuses, for example, was ignored by Geithner and Paulson before him...both Wall Street pimps.

    The markets are still in somewhat on the verge of a death Spiral and ben is smart enough to realize it. I rec "Inside the Fed" by Axilrod who describes first-hand a similar situation in the 1970's when the Fed knew it could not control inflation, dropping dollar, etc so it purposely gave the public massive spin stories trying to prop it up...just as they are doing now trying to use psychology to prop the dollar up as China, Russia and others know the drop will continue due to massive gov debt.

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