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  • sunhedgefd sunhedgefd Apr 9, 2009 5:26 PM Flag

    start shorting gold

    I start shorting gold.

    Wasting a year of time, and opportunities to make millions (shorting virtually everything) is more than enough.

    Gold may see 645 before 1500.

    If this pos goes up, I’ll let go physicals, and get liquidity back to do other things.

    There will be no short squeeze. It’s a dream of guys who bought at 980-1040.

    Even if there’s inflation, it’s years out, not worth is to tie the money up to this pos.

    gold never makes people rich. at the best, it preserves money at certain period of time. more often, it causes people to lose money and money making opportunities.

    folks who paid $800 for gold in 1980s not only lost money and buying power, but also lost tremendous opportunities of making $millions or $billions.

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    • the most bullish guys have said that gold will go to $4000 or even %5000, but don't know when it will happen. 2 years? not likely. 5 years? maybe....

      even if it does happen, it is still not worth it to tie the money up to this POS.

      there are so many places to make money.
      a junk stock like F went from 1.60 to 4.20 in 2 month, far better than gold.

    • A “Real” Win-Win Investment …
      by Larry Edelson 04-09-09

      But today I want to talk about gold again. Why? Because short term, gold is not acting so well. It’s broken some chart support at the $898 level, and it could easily pullback further, to around the $838 level.

      For short-term traders, that’s an opportunity to get out, go short, and make some money. But for investors, gold’s pullback should not be alarming … should not scare you out of any positions … and instead, should be viewed as a “win-win” situation.

      Rebounding Ruff rubbishes rally
      By Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch
      April 6, 2009

    • "There was no national emergency here when Franklin D. Roosevelt took office excepting the bankruptcy of the Fed.... Under cover, the predatory International Bankers have been stealthily transferring the burden of the Fed debts to the people's Treasury and to the people themselves. They took the farms and the homes of the United States to pay for their thievery!... The United States currency is no longer protected by gold. It is therefore sheer dishonesty to say that the people's gold is needed to protect the currency....I see no reason why the general public should be forced to pay the gambling debts of the International Bankers."
      -Congressman Louis McFadden

      History is only good if you know it, its always good to have some physical regardless, this will be a long term investor type play, not a day trade.

    • The people who bought gold at 50 in the 70s made a fortune!!!

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