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  • golfbumsnc golfbumsnc Sep 25, 2009 4:34 PM Flag

    No one is ever gettin Me Gold

    Ever. You people do what you want. I only ask myself this: "What would it mean to my family if the USDollar crashed?" I ask this to myself and i say:" It would absolutely ruin me and my family". This is why i own Gold, it is for my future and the future of my family. No matter how much the Goldy bears cry and moan, bubble bubble Gold is in a bubble......I laugh out load!!! You should all ask yourselves the same question. You cannot listen to them or you will never own any gold and remain a "Forever Have Not". 5% of your net worth in Gold Bullion will protect you. you buy it, put it away and hope you never need to sell it. Oh, and the argument that there are not enough buyers to drive the price higher, could not be more wrong. I am and have been and will continue to buy Gold on every Dollar rally. My USDollar reserves are still way to high. Have a nice weekend....

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    • <My USDollar reserves are still way to high>

      unfortunately we need fiat reserves to punish the banksters FROM THIS POINT FORWARD with PM buying that's why I'm not all-in either and keep several lifetimes of a typical americans lifetime savings in reserve just in case the banksters try any funny stuff (which is inevitable). When things get real sporty that's when I like to blow fiat buckshot at close range on banksters (speaking metaphorically of course, I am not a violent person). I have that luxury because I got in early.

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      • Just keep firing cde_biscuit, you are not the only one who unloads stacks of paper dollars for real money. The foreign citizens of the World, Billionaires and Central banks are all buying. And a very small amount of American Citizens are buying as well, i estimate is smaller than 2%. I just unloaded 2 small stacks for Silver American Eagles, spot was $24.81 the night of the FOMC meeting. $24.81 and it never looked back. One of the reasons i bought Silver is because of you cde, you said silver would outperform gold at a certain point and the Gold holders would feel Silver envy, something to that affect and so i bought. Cheers!!!

    • Now my USDollar reserves are virtually non-existent. You people do what you want but if i still had massive amounts of USDollars i would still be buying. Once my house sells i will start the buying once again. GL

    • Interesting post, friend, but why do you own paper tiger GLD rather than gold bullion in Switzerland via SGOL ? GLD has counter party risk in addition to futures risk.

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