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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Sep 27, 2009 6:53 PM Flag

    Indians are not buying Gold!!!!!!!!!!

    Warren is quoted as saying..... " Thruout history anyone who bet against the united states has eventually gone broke." I take this to mean he is saying...we may get more upside in gold as scared hedgies pile into it for safety, butn in the end, america rules! So I guess he is saying that a worthless dollar and $2500 gold is a fantasy. I persoanlly got destroyed buying SLV at 13 and got stopped out so many times it aint funny. i dont see anyone here taking a loan on their house to buy GLD. Im not long or short this thing, I just want to play the trend. If I can get slv to pullback and stay above a serious moving average im in, but I wont be the sucker holding the bag if gold collapes right after making a new all time high. Im just saying none of us really know whats going to happen and if all of you want the dolllar to collapse, be ready to have another fall of the roman empire which means you will be killed for your gold anyway. Truly.........WE DO NOT WANT GOLD TO EVER REACH 2500 and have the diollar also collapse. The whole world will lose and crime syndicates will rule the world and we will have anarchy. You guys dont realize that if the american banking system goes down, the entire world economy may collapse. Lets be patriots and not hope that will happen, ehhh. Anyone who is really hoping for the collapse of this country to make a buck should be tried as as a traitor and deported or jailed. Who disagrees?

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