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  • the_great_majestic_rawdog the_great_majestic_rawdog Dec 17, 2009 2:42 PM Flag

    GOLD, a worthless metal hard to transport, only makes jewelery.

    totally agree. Worthless unless you like ugly yellow jewelry. Gold is for dumb chicks. Only way I will buy and is if I am trying to score with a chick otherwise it is worthless.

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    • sheez, you are right that gold is more a symbol that represents value than something of intrinsic value.

      However, there is a continual, large stream of people who are willing to pay top dollar for this symbol, and, conversely, few people willing to part with this symbol for anything but top dollar. It is not your opinion, but these two streams--demand and supply--that determine the market value of this symbol. And you should know by now that "market value" is very different from "intrinsic value".

      If you think you are so SMART, how come you work so hard (of great intrinsic value to your employer) in exchange for pieces of paper imprinted with green ink or, even worse, electronic digits in your bank account (of no intrinsic value, try eating them or building a roof with them). Ha?

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