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  • bdd7772001 bdd7772001 Mar 26, 2010 11:52 AM Flag

    Koreas in Navy Ship Battle

    As South Korean Navy ship sinks, shots reportedly fired at North Korean vessel in waters off countries' border

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    • My guess is that it was an equipment/weapon malfunction. Perhaps a weapon launch that went wrong. Looking at todays news they likely know what the cause was, and likely was self inflicted. I guess the official report will tell the tale. What will they learn from this? One has to wonder what % of weapons failures there are with the various systems. Glad we did not wake up to war this morning.

    • Obama should be very careful about provoking a hot war in that corner of the world. A long protracted war of attrition with victory based upon modern industrial production and population – would not work out too well for the late great USA when stacked up against the new and improved PRC with a space program.

      1.6 billion vs 350 million, and we have no steel or heavy industry left in this country. Our military is broken by ten years of needless wars, and the best we could do is throw spit balls at them – if we could afford that effort. When it finally came down to a PRC aircraft carrier task force off of San Francisco conducting bombing raids into major cities (just like this country has done for the past fifty years – pay back is a bitch) – there would be only one option left – nuclear. Sort of like what LBJ said - we had to destroy the hamlet to save it – but writ large and spoken by a Chinese leader this time – and a bit closer to home coming to people you know and love.

      Given the opportunity the international bankers will kill us all. They don’t care. The capital (and capitol for these criminals) is now in China.

      So yes, interesting news today for gold.

    • South Korea isn't going to sit on their hands as one of their navy ships is destroyed.
      That Kim is one crazy mo'fo'.

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