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  • pentium_six pentium_six May 11, 2010 4:36 PM Flag

    This is really shocking but i'm sure most goldbugs knows about it

    The cost of priniting that $100.00 US bill = $0.03

    The US gov't can print and create $99.97 by only using 3 cents expense.

    printing $100,000 only cost them $30
    printing $1,000,000 ($1 million) only cost $300
    printing $100,000,000 ($100 million) only cost 30 thousands

    printing $1 BILLION ... only cost 300 thousands
    $1 BILLION = $1000 MILLION

    Do you understand how it works now ?

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    • Do you think anyone making $30,000 can control $100 million ??

      US government can create $100 million just like that .. as long as they can find enough suckers to buy that $100 million that they created by using 30 thousand dollars.. they can do it

      USA can print $1 trillion or $2 trillion because they can always find some rich suckers out there to eat up all the $2 trillion toilet paper that they created

      What do USA do with the $trillion that they created from their printing press ?

      they bought garbage like GM, throw $billions into AIG, $300 billions bailing out banks, throw $billions to subsidized cash for clunkers, they even gave away $billions for first time housing buyers $8500.00 incentives free... why ?? because they can create money from the thin air

      THE US$ is nothing but a ponzi scheme man!!

      creating $billions and $trillions to pay for previous debt and when they can't pay for the current debt.. they will print another $trillion

      AS LONG AS THERE'S ENOUGH RICH SUCKERS OUT THERE TO ABSORB ALL THE TOILET PAPER.. it's a musical chair.. if people stop buying the USD or faces shortfall of buyers

      United States of America becomes Bernard Madoff

      that's the truth!!

    • ROTFLMAO... adding zeros to an electronic account costs nothing, comes from nothing, is worth nothing !!!

    • The USD is a scam .. a ponzi scheme

      Is not back by gold or silver or anything

      Is back by "Trust Me Man" .. I pay you back .. I'm U.S.A

      This scams will come crashing down once people stop buying the USD .. look at the USD ~ is nothing but a scam

    • I've heard there is a secret real market between central bankers where gold trades in the tens of thousands of dollars per ounce.

      Makes sense, since bankers have printing presses where they can print money up for free. They can print up whatever the phug they want and the sellers know it.

      All that needs to be done is publicly acknowledge the existence of this market, and gold goes to the moon for the rest of us.

      Anyone else ever hear of this?

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      • this is my conclusion

        If people loses faith in the USD one day .. Gold can become $10,000 oz or even $50,000 oz .. there is no limit

        since US still have a s.hitload of gold in their vault, they can go along with gold and let it superinflate to $50,000 oz or even $500,000 oz (is not crazy if you do the calculation of paper money vs gold supply)

        I always believe when manipulation loses control.. silver will have a mad breakout and suddenly skyrocket to $30.00 >> $100.00 >> even $300.00 an ounce

        Is not pipe dream.. is reality

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