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  • macrocosmonaut macrocosmonaut Jun 8, 2010 3:36 PM Flag

    When the 600 trillion US$ bubble will burst...

    ...the truth will be Gold and Silver.

    When papermoney will be worthless and derivative bubble of 600 trillion US$ will burst Gold and Silver will rescue your assets for the day after.


    Do your own due dilligence.

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    • you think 5 to 8 years is the distant future?

      look, we promised 50 trillion to be paid to people that we have no hope of coming up with. this is not dissimilar from the sub prime mtg borrowers promising to make 5k/mo mtg payments that they couldn't afford. we locked into it and are contractually obligated to pay for it, yet we can't. your answer is screw it.

      my point is, if we hadn't spent all that money on worthless crap like saving muscles we'd be closer. if we didn't have a fed constantly devaluing the dollar we'd be closer. i specifically said the libs include dems AND repubs.

      options are derivatives. my point is there were 500 trillion in UNCLEARED uncapitalized derivatives outstanding a little over a year ago. the only good news is that they can just let those suns of bitches go bust and that won't impact hardly anyone but financials and hedgers. now granted hedgers include regular businesses, but quite a few won't go bust because of the busted hedge. this is more than we can say for the gubbermint. there is only one way out. default and cut spending.

      of course they'll take the other way, spend and print. this will bankrupt nearly every citizen holding dollars. but you shouldn't have to worry, screw 'em. right. 5 years is so far away. lol

    • Losing the debate all the way to the bank....

    • "The gov't isn't spending."


    • It's funny because you are wrong. Liquidity is evaporating and asset prices are 40% off highs. The gov't isn't spending, they are trying to shore up failed companies. This explains why there hasn't been any job creation. This is what you idiots are still missing.

      The Fed has made every attempt to get the banks into a better capital position but the mortgage losses are unimaginable. Credit has contracted considerable since the peak in 2006, and liquidity has dried up with it.

      You really cannot deny this because all markets have already tumbled 40% and are poised to drop again. Are you really suggesting that we can inflation and declining commodity markets? You are losing this debate big time.

    • They are lending it to the government. The government is spending it into the economy. LMFAO at can't PRINT enough money. What are you a f*cking moron bwahahahahah!.

    • You are going to be shocked when paper money evaporates and prices plunge. Don't say we didn't warn you. Keep cash under your mattress because those bars won't buy you anything at walmart.

    • I have to ask why you even stay here, if it is that bad? You can leave the US. If you think the US can't be fixed, and Zimbabwe is the best ... go there. I like the US, and I think it is not beyond fixing.

    • You're Correct. The Time is near.

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      • It is true we have to cut these liabilities...but look what happens to the overpaid Government workers when you tell them no...they to cut to where we can balance a budget...there would be chaos...I personally think its coming to that...I am a taxpayer...I am not going to want to pay anymore if I am subsidizing government employees..I need to take care of my family first...I don´t have the government printing press helping me....actually that is hurting me...ATLAS SHRUGGED...

      • The Bilderberg group wants the population reduced by 90% and crashing the current monetary system and creating a new one when the time is right is the easiest way to do it.

        They want the natural resources saved for their future generations. If you believe they are only interested in money you're dead wrong.

    • The budget has been balanced before and we can do it again. The situation is in no way as dire as is commonly posted here. We don't owe the money for the "unfunded mandates" .. yet. We do have a mandate to pay back the $1.5 trillion deficit from this years federal budget. If we pay attention to each year, and balance annually, those future numbers will be addressed one by one.

    • GLD and SLV will not rescue anyone.

      They are derivatives and not real Gold or Silver. They are paper promises just like all the other paper promises that make up your 600 trillion pyramid.

      GLD/SLV are being used to suppress real metal prices by the same banking dirtbags that are currently massively short Gold/Silver.

      If you want to protect yourself get real physical, or load up on the miners.

      Don't buy GDX, as that is just another derivative trading scam .... just like GLD/SLV.

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