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  • Smokeskull Smokeskull Oct 15, 2010 5:06 PM Flag

    Adami figured it out

    "The Fed is throwing money at something but they are not admitting what it really is. They are using inflation as a cover." Not an exact quote. But I agree.

    The Fed is still trying to save the banking system while supporting the US government. They will print as much money as it takes. The economy is a secondary consideration.

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    • So you are saying that you think letting the banking system and government fail would not adversely affect the global economy?

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      • No. I am saying the Fed's priority is the system and status quo, not the US economy. They may spout economic figures on GDP, inflation, and employment. But they are all smoke screens for the fact that the banking system is still on life support getting 60 pints of blood a minute.

        If they wanted serious stimulus on a budget, they would do cash for clunkers, tax breaks, or a serious refi program.

        Also, QE2 is going to be friggin enormus. They want to fix the banks once and for all. No matter what they announce, it will score in the trillions.

    • America has been sold out from underneath the feet of every single citizen and land owner in the Country.

      I remember my father talking about a famous line the Russians said in the 70's.

      "We never have to wage War on America, their Banking system is inherent to failure. It is only a matter of time."

      You're only chance as a US citizen is to abolish the Federal Reserve as soon as possible. It will hurt temporarily but in the long run America could rule for another 200 years.

      It is that temporary pain you are so unable to bear. That's why your coaxed through with stimulous and cheap food, infrastructure and gas to get around. For now. Like a drip of morphine until the flatline.

      Sad to see such an innovative and intelligent society so utterly blind and hoodwinked.

      It has been the greatest illusion of all time.

    • Free housing for anyone with a mortgage received between 2002-2007. The banks have no recollection of who owes what amount on mortgage backed securities.

    • yeah, a cover to bankrupt everyone who is not super rich

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